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Dr. Natalie Patricia Bitature leaked nudes
Dr. Natalie Patricia Bitature leaked nudes

Daughter of Ugandan millionaire Bitatature, Dr Natalie Patricia's nudes have since been circulating on the low on snap and telegram. There is pics and a video that were sent by her to unkown person on iMessage or twitter according to the ui of the screenshots.

Natalie Patricia bitature nudes

Was she taking pictures for the doctor to get a BBL who knows

You may say ohhh shes not the one but look on instagram, diggin' up dirt. The hair matches, she has a thing for grey hair.

natalie bitature nudes

Natalie Patricia bitature nudes

Natalie Patricia bitature nudes

Natalie Patricia bitature nudes

You can tell from the tatted hand that she's definetly a freak BBW. Shes not the first Ugandan millionaire Mbiire daughter Nadia Matovu also dropped her ass for the TL last year.

Dr Natalie bitature nudes

Am sure Downbad kampala boys have already clicked her Linktree in bio on the Gram tryna see her suckn' dick on cam

Her being a content creator makes the leaked video evn more HD Check it out on the TELEGRAM GROUP

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Dr. Natalie Patricia Bitature leaked nudes
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