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The maid true sex story
The maid true sex story

Episode 1 (Introduction)

"Grace ..I got you from village to come eat my food, sleep with no work at all in this house.. eeh... wake up you lazy idiot!" Monica barked on my ears.

Now Monica was my boss lady,she had employed me as maid. A friend to my mum ~Christine ~ had recommended me to Monica to take me as her house help after I did my KCPE, now that I could not continue with my secondary school education due to lack of fees.My mum was a single mother and she had three other kids to take care off. I was happy too because i also felt that once i start earning i will help mum raise the rest of my siblings.It was already 5:30am ,whereas I was supposed to wake at 5:00am and prepare her children for school. I had overworked the previous night and that made me tired that if she never woke me up I could have woken up at 7:00am that morning.

Sorry Ma'am!I said politely, I work up quickly headed to the kitchen,I prepared the break the tea..prepared mkate with the butter.. Monica had prepared the children and they were at the dining waiting for the breakfast.. I served them.

Your tea is always sweet auntie...Sharon said to me smiling while sipping for a second time."Thanks Sharon take your breakfast the school bus is about to arrive" I said to her as turned around to go back to kitchen for my usual morning duties.

Sharon was the last born to the family and she was my favourite as she loved me so much.
Now Monica had three children Jade 14,Favour 10 and Sharon 6.
Monica was very harsh, unfriendly, strict and a very stubborn woman. Not even a single day she responded to my questions in a polite manner she was always rude,But she was a beautiful woman..she was about 5" feet tall with a natural beautiful long hair ,chocolate complexion,had an admirable chest I could the size of her breasts was medium and she had this curvy figure like that of coke bottle.

Monica used to work in a popular TV channel where she held a morning show about healthy lifestyle.
"Make sure you clean Sharon bedshits and spread the new bed shits her father brought him last week..and you better work hard next time I wake you up in morning be ready to return in the village"...Monica said as she was leaving to work.." Am sorry ma'am I said to her politely... I could tell she was serious about that from the look of her eyes and the last thing I would wish is to go back to the village where poverty was staring at us.

Now take that briefcase and put in my car" yes ma'am... I took the briefcase to her car..she drove a BMW .
Good day ma'am I said to her..while turning around to go back to the house.. Grace .."Monica Called me.."I can see my food is doing magic in your body" Monica said trying to fake a smile..then she got in the car..I stood there staring at her as she drove off..not really understanding what she meant.

I went back to the house and started doing normal cleaning duties.I cleaned the utensils we used for breakfast, then went to clean and organise the sitting room while..singing a song in the hymn.."this is my story.. this this is my song" I used to love this song since while in school that I would sing the whole song..without missing a single lyric .Monica had a beautiful house and I loved its interior it had such a fantastic decor and was committed to always keep neat and clean.

"Bravo bravo.".someone from behind disrupted me while clapping.. I turned around to see whom it was baba jade,Monica's husband ~His name was Stanley....!
I could tell he had spent some time staring at my behind..while I was busy mopping under the sofa

Episode 2 (Open the door)

Stanley was shorter than Monica..but he had a well built masculine toned body..with a broad that of John cena..he was dark in colour and contrary to Monica..Stanley was a gentleman. He was polite in tone..and I have never heard him shout to anybody.. even to his children.
"GoodMorning sir..the breakfast is ready pointing at the dining area"..I said as I avoided direct eye contact.with him..".ooh thanks Grace".. You have such sweet voice I have been listening you sing for while and I must say you are awesome.." Thank you sir ..I said while going back to my duties..." And Grace one more thing..."Yes sir..How much do mama jade,.."3500..sir"..I replied. Mmmh OK" he said turning around like he was in a deep thought.."Is anything a matter sir" I asked.. Politely.. but with a little bit curious tone...No not a thing "..he said sitting down in the dining table to have his breakfast.

After I was done with the sitting room I passed through the dining room..Stanley had already finished eating the breakfast and headed to their bedroom to prepare himself for work.I cleared the dining room and I took the dishes to kitchen to do the washing.I then decided to go to the bedrooms to collect the dirty clothes to do the washing...just before I entered the Jades bedroom.. Stanley called me .." Grace .iron for me this handkerchief please "..he was standing at their bedroom door admiring his outfit.. That day he wore a blue suit..I took the handkerchief to ironing table did my magic..and I brought it back to him... is the handkerchief" thanks Grace I always apreaciate your hardwork.".thank you sir " I said turning around to go ..just after I made a few steps.."Grace appreciation.." Stanley gave a brand new sh200 looked like it had just came from De LA Rue..machines.."you can buy yourself a snack during the day" he said smiling."Thank you sir.. I said taking the money with both hands it was a big deal anyway..No one has ever given such a huge "amount of money"..I even wondered how Stanely got to love and marry Monica because they were a complete opposite of each other bearing in mind how she would ask for the supermarket receipt whenever she sent me for shopping and count the change just to ensure that no coin is missing...I later did my washing and thereafter decided to take a bath...its while at the bathroom ..the words of Monica crossed my mind.."" ~i can see my food is doing magic to your body""~My hips had grown larger and they were more round and so the supporting documents..'no wonder Stanely was admiring my behind' ..i I admired myself in the big mirror that used to be in the bathroom..after applying lotion..everything i tried looked small..the clothes i had came with from ushagoo couldnt fit anymore..all in all i landed a blue silk dress my mum had bought for me while in class eight,at the time she bought it was an oversize but now it fitted me perfectly..thereafter I settled in for a movie at the sitting room..I had bought some popcorns now that I had money so ate one by while watching a movie Series " Games of the thrones".A knock at the door woke me up..I couldn't tell the time since I dozed off while watching.. the series... Am coming I said as I went to answer the knock at the door..I peed at to see whom it was before I open..I could not imagine who I saw at the door...

Episode 3 (Long story short)

Sir, is there a you are home early"..I said to Stanley looking at the wall clock ~it was 3pm ~after opening for him..Stanley stood there gazing to me for a moment and when I turned my eyes to look at him I noticed he was staring at my breasts had grown drastically not so big but very firm and nipples pressed my silk dress. that I wore that day...what?" i asked. ..nothing..he said with such a smile and a glowing face all over his face as he entered the house direct to the sitting and rested his ass on the sofa....Just that am not feeling well so I excused myself early to come home early and rest..I wondered why someone with such huge smile was suffering. Stanley used to Work as branch Manager at Tumaini bank in Town ..."give me a glass of water Grace"...he said..I went to kitchen and fetched him water ..Here you go sir..Thank you grace .When I turned to go he held my hand looked me directly in my eyes such that our eyes met..we gazed each other for a minute..I got scared I tried to talked but nothing came from my mouth..

He pulled me to sit on his i got even more scared than ever, it hard never happened to me before ..I even never had the privilege to sit on a man laps as we didn't even had a dad and I was still a Mum raised us as single Mum and even the idea of even asking him who my Dad was never got to cross my mind..anyway, where could I have gathered the confidence to ask such a question to my Mum at my age?.~Stanely drew me closer to his broad masculine chest looked me in the eye as said to me.."Grace I know this is strange..but I can't help it.. am so much in love with you ..I admired you so much such a beautiful girl..I want to have a secret love relationship with you and please don't tell anyone about this..and on top of the 3500kes Mama Jade pays you, I will be giving you extra 5000kes every month...please don't decline my offer, I love you so much...Grace..."what say Grace..".Stanley asked me....I tried to talk.but nothing came out of my mouth..I got so scared that my heart was beating so a backup generator at Kenyatta national Hospital after a an electric black out..Suddenly I heard some footsteps.. Outside ..

Stanley released me and woke up from from the the sofa heading to the bedroom.. While I "played" very busy spreading the sofa cover sheets..the door opened abruptly.." Auntie..Good evening "it was Sharon..coming back from school..behind her was..Favour.. Ooh good evening my dear was your day .." It was fine Untie...let me show you what we learnt today..she removed an exercise book from her small bag..opened it and starts like Capita A small A ,Capital B..small b thing...."ooh congratulations Sharon.." that was a big achievement for go the bedroom remove those clothes you need to take bath.Favour just said "hi..auntie"and went to her room..she was never talkative though...I took a deep breathe and thought what had just happened..what do Stanley really want ..what if Sharon and Favour found me sitting on their dads Laps..What if Monica found me sitting on her Husband..Laps...I got very scared..and I got lost deep in thought...that I didn't notice Stanley presence.." Have you seen my Car keys..Grace..and behold she had left them on sofa where he was seated..ooh there "I said pointing to the sofa...he had changed his outfit..and wore a jeans and a leather Jacket and a black going out Grace I will be back.before dinner...he said..pretending as if nothing had happened.." Daddy..I never thought you were home .".Sharon came running to his daddy..and hugged him...he lifted her on the air was school today.. Exciting""!she said repeating the story be had told me about what they learnt...."ooh that's my daughter very intelligent...Am going out nikuletee nini?.".~Yoghurt.."Sharon said ..OK I will Stanley said moving out..

Evening came and we were at the dining taking supper..I could not look Stanley in the eye I felt shy..and I could was lost in thought ..again thinking what would happen if Monica knew what Stanley was up to.. "You will lose your job and go back to the village with shame...a voice from inside talked to me.."Grace is there a problem why are you not eating your food"..Stanley asked politely.. "No problem sir am eating'..I said ..adding some soup to my food...Auntie Grace this food is very delicious I love it.."Jade said smiling to me..with hoard voice.. he was turning 15..i was two years older than him and his voice had started becoming heavy ~adolescent you know...Thanks Jade"..I said politely.."Yes this food is delicious than what mum cooked yesterday...please add me some soup here "..Sharon said innocently and there was silence for a moment..."Ooh no Mums meal was also so delicious" I said to Sharon forcing a smile.Monica gave me a look that told me to collect the dishes the supper was over...I could tell Sharon statement had..pissed her I turned to the kitchen..Stanley followed my behind with his eyes..~Men are always men~and Monica kind off sensed..Grace ? Monica called.."you need some new clothes.. you are growing big and your clothes seems to be getting small,I shall go with you tomorrow to the market so that we can buy some"..Thanks ..mum"..I said politely...

Episode 4

The following day was on a Saturday.. there was no school..I woke up at 6am..prepared the breakfast.."I told you not to be using that thermos to put spoils the tea fast.."it was Monica..she was not going to work that day but Stanley was going half day..on Saturday.. Tumaini bank operated up to noon on Saturdays then close till Monday...sorry ma'am let me change it to the other thermos." I poured the tea into the other thermos..I had also boiled some" nduma".for breakfast. and put them on tray..ready to be served.I wanted to take them to the dining but Monica offered to help me.."go wake the children we take the breakfast I will do the rest.."Monica told me...We used to share a bedroom with Sharon..then Jade and Favour had their own bedrooms.. I went to Sharon first~ of course she is the baby..~.she was already awake..playing with her 'Dolli' .."Auntie Grace, when its not school day I normally don't sleep but on a school day I don't feel like waking up"Sharon said smilling.'..I know baby.~she never liked waking up early for school.~now wake up wash your face breakfast is ready..I told her.Before I could knock on Favour bedroom

the door opened "..Auntie is breakfast ready.. I'm hungry" Yes it is already served ...She was already up..i went to Jades bedroom which was locked from inside, I knocked response..I knocked again harder..I had some movement inside..then the door opened abruptly.. I entered .."Jade wake up breakfast is served"...I said after entering the room ...but Jade was not on the bed..I checked under the bed he was not there.."stop playing games Jade Show yourself..boy "..Jade was very playful I knew he was hiding somewhere so that I could find him..before I could turn.. Someone closed my eyes..from behind with his arms..obviously it was Jade I was used to this kind of games from him.."come Jade get off me..mum is waiting for you at the dining breakfast is served.." But jade closed the door behind him..turned to me and drew me closer to her chest and eyes met,gazed at each other for a moment.. Then I asked him " what's wrong with you Jade "shhhhhh .."he cautioned me to speak in a low voice... I realized Jade was even taller than...and more strong than i thought from the way he was holding me in her arms ..."Auntie Grace, there is something I want to ask you.' OK ask! I said to him getting curious.."do you have a boyfriend ..beccuae I got feelings for you and I would like you to be my girlfriend..."..

I could not help but laugh...I looked around and I saw a ponographic magazine on top of his bed..."Jade so you want to experiment with me what you saw in that magazine..get off me..or I tell your mum..".. auntie please don't tell mum I will make it up to you.." then the Stanley offer crossed my mind..and I was like whats wrong with guys~ anyway like father like son...

The rest including Stanley were on dining table taking their breakfast when we joined..Jade behind me...dining with them is the only thing that made feel like part of the family..."What took you so long.."..Monica asked Jade..then looked at me..."Nothing" jade said..pouring tea in his cup..Mum and Dad how was your night..Jade asked jokingly... Stanley and Monica looked at each other then answered in unison "Not bad'"..Sharon and Favour were snoring so loud at night Dad..imagine I was hearing it from my room..."Jade said jokingly making everybody laugh..Jade was such a jovial boy and kept the house live whenever he was around..he was also his father's favourite.. I could tell from the way he treated him~anyway he was the only son.

"Baba Jade its already will be late for work.."..Monica said to Stanley who was scrolling his phone as if typing something.. "Don't worry today is on a weekend there is no Jam..15 minutes and i am in the office..are you forgetting that my Audi..has new now very stable on the road.."..OK ..if you say so..then..Monica said..while waking up from the table and headed to their bed room.. Stanley followed him...Minutes later he was ready to work..we met at the sitting on his way out carrying his breakfast.. He smiled at me as if he wanted to tell me something.. But.....before he could talk " good day sir" I said to him"Thanks grace good day too"..he said his face glowing with a smile..eyes glued on my chest..he almost fell..after missing direction and hit the table...Men!!..

This was the first time Monica was giving a ride in her car since I started working for her ..I enjoyed and felt nice..."put on the safety belt.."Monica told when she realised I..had..not.....I tried to hook it up but I could not~ibviously I have never done i before..~.Monica me for a moment..before she gave a hand.."You are really a village girl."said to while laughing.. I never saw it as a joke anyway...that it made me feel bad...~a village girl indeed who your husband is salivating inner voice talked to me...!..Thanks ma'am..I said politely after helping me hook up the safety belt.. We arrived in the market and did clothes mall..then we went into Tuskys supermarket did some shopping ...on way out I remembered Jade had reminded her ma'am about a Man U Jersy..but her ma'am had forgotten.." Ma'am we forgot to buy ..Jades T-shirt.".ooh thank you..Grace " I forgot and now my money is finished..she took phone called Stanley asked for some money to buy Jades-Tshirt we went through the clothes mall bought the T-shirt and drove home.

After dinner everybody went sleep..I was left in the kitchen alone washing the dishes.. I finished then went in the bedroom...Sharon was fast asleep... i started trying out the dresses that Monica bought for me as I cat walked admiring my self on the mirror..I turned and shaked my behind a little and felt nice about myself for the first time..I then removed the dress so that I could wear a night.dress.I was all naked when bedroom door opened abruptly.. I couldn't imagine who had just seen my nakedness....

Episode 5 (Nobody, no crime)

"Jade what are doing in my bedroom?"I shouted at him reaching bed sheets to cover my nakedness.".shhh..please speak in low tone my parents might hear you shout..I want us to talk about the issue I asked you about in the morning Grace..please I beg you..I love you so much grace ... I want you to be my girlfriend and I will not let anyone in this house know about this..we shall keep it a secret.between you and me ."..before he could utter any other..word I closed his mouth with my Palm..

I gazed at him..for a moment thinking of how at his age he was thinking of having a girlfriend while at 17..I never had a boyfriend..may be it the phonographic magazines that he was reading that were making him crazy and may be he wanted to experiment it with me..I thought to myself... I must have been so naive at that..but mum had advised me to keep off boys while in class 8 may be after noticing I was becoming a young woman or may be from the experience she had gone through..For a moment got lost deep in thought that I did not notice Jade coming closer to me..he drew me closer to him..I pushed him away..go and sleep boy .or I scream right sure you don't want your parents to know about this ..That statement kind of scared him..he turned to leave..I felt pity for him..i kind of liked him though .."Jade! I will think about it" I said to him smiling..he turned, smiled, the fear seem to have faded reply..with a glowing face he said" Goodnight Grace "and left.

I wore the my night dress ,covered myself with the blanket and took a deep breathe inside the blankets..before deep thought overtook me..~ How comes the father and Son want to sleep with me at the same time..this an abomination.. do i stay and handle what comes my way ? Do I tell Monica what was happening.. No..she would send me back to village..before I ruin her marriage.. Do i play Dad and Son?..I was getting more confused in my thought..I was in a deep thought.I could hardly sleep..

It was on Monday morning.. I woke up very early @4:30..I made breakfast.. the I prepared the dining room..and I placed everything in order before going to wake Sharon and Favour to get ready for school.Jade used wake up 4am to study as he was a candidate ..his father hard promised him that when he gets 400marks and above in the KCPE..he will earn a tour to Zanzibar ,This made him work extra hard.The problem was waking Sharon..she never liked waking that early..I understood her though..and i was very patient with her until she could get ready..Go and have your breakfast now..the School bus is about to arrive... I told her after helping her wear her school uniform. Jade and Favour were already in dining having breakfast..

"Hey good job Grace!. keep it you woke early enough if you continue impressing me like this I may think of increasing your salary." It was Monica.."Hello sweethearts she hugged Sharon..then Favour..she wanted to hug Jade too but he refuse and instead "ngottad her".."what kind if greetings are this Jade?"..Mum hug ni za madame..kwa madame sisi..machali huwa tunangoteana..~ Jade said taking the last sip.

"Hey children its time to go..Mum see you in the evening.. Jade..talked in commanding voice but soft...Monica looked at Jade not saying a thing..~Jade was the Man of the House anyway ~

Monica ate her breakfast prepared and left..for work she always left early than Stanley because her TV program..would run from 7am to 9am...whereas Stanley reporting time was 8:30~ either way he was the branch manager.

I cleared the dining..table and went to wash dishes in the kitchen..singing my favourite hymn~u know it now~.."wow that's fantastic of you" Stanley stood right at kitchen clapping for me..with a huge smile all over his face.."Good Morning sir"I said politely avoiding the eye contact..I new very well his intentions ,he wanted the answer to the question he had asked me before Sharon and Favour interrupted.. "Grace I gave you an offer the other day..did you think about it.." He asked me politely..Sir eeeeh mmm eeee rrr..I...I tried to talked but I could not... He came closer to me ..I was still facing the sink..he stood behind me and held me across the chest.."Grace when we are together like this just leave that "sir thing" alone Just call me Stanley.."..."

How do i call a Man twice my age by was very disrespectful.." I thought..He turned my body so that I faced him then ..drew me closer to his chest...Stanley had a broad masculine chest that accommodated me well and made me feel.. like if I was one day baby..~..many things crossed my mind..if I turn down his offer he could tell Monica to sack me..if told Monica she would sack me the following morning and send me back to the village the'..the last thing I wanted is to go back to the village.. I was determined to help mum raise my siblings..and at least make them get a secondary school education which mum could not afford on her own.". You need money girl just take the offer" an inner voice talked to me... By the time I was coming back from my thought Stanley was on my lips..he kissed my lips passionately.. like for two minutes...then suddenly stopped he looked me in the eyes..There was a knock at the door...

Episode 6 (Torolate it)

Stanley kind of guessed who was on the door because the knock seemed not to bother him that much,on the contrary i got scared and a wave of fear crossed my nerves, a thought of Monica standing at the door crossed my mind. Stanley went straight to the to open."Sir I have finished washing your car here are the keys" it was Simon our gate man.He had offered to clean Stanley car that day~obviously to get a tip~

"Thanks simon,I will check on you when moving out"Stanley dismissed Simon,closed the door and came back to the kitchen.I was wiping plates putting them in their place..

"Mmmh I think that can't wait, come let's go to your bedroom and have some fun." Stanley told me in a rather romantic voice..he wanted sex..I had to think fast..I was not ready to have sex with him,I was very scared because I never had sex before and I was still a virgin.I used to hear from my age mates who had already done sex that at first, it was very painful.Stanley came closer and hugged me tightly that my firm breasts pressed his masculine chest,Its then i realized he was just a few a inches taller than me,he was indeed a short guy.To show him I was not scared of him anymore i held him tight..looked at him in the eyes and kissed his lips gently,I believed I was good in kissing following a number of soaps I had watched on their 32 inch flat screen TV..we kissed for a moment..I felt his already hard erect d*ck pressing my thighs..its was very hard and firm..and I would feels blood flowing in its veins..I got curious to know the size of his Dingdong..I moved my hands down and touched it,he was wearing a short he had not worn a boxer.

.I caressed a little,it became harder..the d*ck seemed not to be too long but very thick."Let's go to your bedroom" he whispered in my ears.i looked at his eyes they were full of desire to have me ,I hard to think first,i was not ready to sex that morning I feared that his thick d*ck would tear my vagina apart. " Am on my periods Stanley we can't do this when am like that.."I lied.He looked at me, I thought he was reading my mind,but not really, that seemed to have discouraged his efforts to have me.OK let's postpone this to another date,let me refresh I need to go to work..he turned to leave..after a few steps he turned his head back ,"don't tell anybody about our relationship grace and I promise to be nice to you" He told me and left.I took a deep breathe and i felt re leaved.

After a few minutes Stanley left. Later on after after finishing my daily routine duties I went to hang outside.I met Alice doing some washing outside .Alice was our neighbours boch."Hello grace what are you eating nowadays, you look more beautiful and plump..ooh you Even have new clothes wow..who bought you that dress"?..Alice asked me looking excited too see me,She was very talkative and friendly."Monica bought it for me I even got some others nicer than this.."..I told her smiling.. I felt flattered that everyone I met talked of how beautiful I was becoming... "Come I show you something grace" Alice told me smiling,she reached something from her bra,it was a smartphone.. Infinix Note 5."Where did you get this kind of an expensive phone Alice,its like your boss pays you more money than am being paid by Monica.." "No Baba Ian(her boss)~bought it for me and don't tell anybody about this I don't want mama Ian to know about.".Alice whispered cutting me short.

She took the phone back to her breasts,looking around to make sure that no one had seen the phone except me.."Do you have a secret sex relationship with Baba Ian"I asked curiously. "Yes it has been three months now having sex with him and he is awesome,he gives me alot of money and gifts,in fact he makes me happy am starting to Love him now" Alice told me smiling, her face glowing like sun in the sunrise.She must have really had alot if fun with him.I got puzzled."It seems many Men sleep with their house helps nowadays. " I thought to myself. Alice even counted for me some other maids in the neighborhood who were sleeping with their Bosses and making some good cash out of it and it seemed like a good 'venture..'"Is that not prostitution Alice?" Call it what you want all that matters is how much money am making..Alice told me."OK let me go back to the house children are about to come back from school I will see you tomorrow Alice "..I told her and left.

While in the kitchen preparing supper I came up with a plan.I decided to give jade my virginity so that so that when his father aks for sex next time I would not have issues with him over my virginity.. "At least his d*ck was not as thick as that of his Dad and I wouldn't feel a lot of pain having sex for the first time" i thought.I really feared that Stanley would make me feel pain giving him my innocence for the first time.

After having dinner and everybody had gone to sleep,I was left alone in kitchen washing dishes.I heard some footsteps coming to the kitchen..I pretended to be so busy as I thought it was either Stanley or Monica ,i turned to see who was at the kitchen my surprise it was Jade,"its like this boy knows what I am upto" I thought. "What are you doing here when others are sleeping Jade you should be asleep!" I kind of shouted to Jade in rather harsh tone pretending not to like his presence. But he came closer to me ignoring what I had just said,he hugged me then gently kissed my lips,he moved his hand to my breasts and started caressing them~

"what a naughty boy at his age where did he learn all seemed he knew more about sex than me..maybe from porn magazines I had seen in his room"I thought."Jade stop it !someone might find us here go to your bedroom, I will follow you there shortly"I told him breathing hard.I hard started feeling such a sweet feeling that I had never experienced before.Jade looked me in the eyes for a moment then left to his bedroom,I looked at him as he left and I somehow admired him,he was turning to be a young handsome man."I have to do this",I thought to my self.I prepared everything as usual in kitchen ready for the next morning then followed jade in his bedroom.

Episode 7 (This is me trying)

Its like he was waiting for me,I found jade almost naked with just a boxer seated on his bed.I could see his already erect penis protruding pressing the boxer forward. I closed the door behind me and leaned on it.Jade stood and came to meet me,I could see his desire to have me written all over his face.We gazed each other like for few seconds before he grabbed me closer to him and held me tight.I could here his heart beating so hard may be after my firm breasts pressed her chest..He started kissing passionately,rolling his tongue against mine, i was wearing a dress,he unzipped it from behind then raised the dress up and removed it dropping it on the floor, leaving me with just a bra and my bicker on, he reached my breasts and started caressing them from outside the bra,to my surprise he unhooked my bra from behind like someone who had done it before ,I reached for his boxer dropping it below to the knees I held his already erect dingdong and started caressing it gently as he caressed my breasts and stroking the nipples ,he pulled me slowly backward until we reached at his bed ,Jade turned me and pushed me gently that I dropped on his bed,He came over me and kissed me on my lips gently then down to the neck down to the breasts..he caressed and sucked my nipples ,it felt so nice...

I had never experienced such a feeling before,my pu*y was becoming wet down my surprise Jade kissed me down to the stomach,then down a little and landed on my clitoris ,he sucked and teased it with his tongue,he did perfectly that I wondered if he had done sex before,i could a Sweet feeling running through my nerves to my medulla,after enjoying my clit for like 3minutes he stopped looked me in eyes then he put his middle finger inside my vagina as if confirming where the vagina hole was..he looked me in the eyes like signaling me to open my legs wide he wanted to enter me."please put your d*ck slowly am a virgin, I might feel..before I could finish he pushed his d*ck inside my pu*y that I felt so much pain..its like I had been cut by sharp knife.."ouch! get off me!! you stupid guy..I shouted at Jade who held my mouth with his hand and started pumping me like if he did not hear what I told him..I tried to get him off me but he was too strong for me..

he pumped me for like a minute,suddenly he released my mouth and held me by the shoulder pressing my body so hard on the bed and before I knew it he had ejaculated in me..his face expression changed as his eyes and mouth remained wide open..He got off me and laid beside me breathing so hard ,but I was in so much pain in my vagina, when I touched myself down there... there was blood..Jade had taken a way my virginity ."Ooh shit Jade your sheets have blood what will tell your mum tomorrow when she gets to see this ..mmh?" i whispered to Jade."don't worry I can handle that."Jade told me smiling like someone who had just hit a sportspesa Jackpot. "Grace you mean you were a virgin? I never expected that" he told me looking rather surprised. "Jade have you ever had sex before ?" I asked him .I was curious he seemed to have so much knowledge about sex."Yes I have been doing it since class six with my girlfriend Becky but she was transferred to Mombasa while we joining class Eight because her Mum was promoted and transferred to Mombasa as a headmistress .I was surprised to hear that children as young as twelve were already enjoying sex without the knowledge of their parents.After a few minutes i realised his d*ck was getting erect again..I was not going to give him my "nunu" again as i was feeling a lot of pain down there, I woke up very fast,collected my dress on the floor and I worn it ,I held my bra and biker with my hands and limped all the way to my bedroom and slept.

The following morning i prepared the children for school. Stanley and Monica left the same time that morning using Monica's car.its like they had a meeting in town early that morning. When they left I went to Jades bedroom and changed his bedsheets as they hard blood stains and washed them clean.Everything went on as usual for one week as if nothing had happened between me and Jade..But on one Friday evening I decided to have jade finish what he started.I gave him a suprise visit in his room after everybody had gone to sleep."come baby come "Jade said to me smiling when I entered his room.

Episode 8 (Lets do it)

To my surprise Jade was reading a phonographic magazine when I entered."When do you get to study jade?instead of reading your books and the KCPE is just around the corner you are busy gazing at vaginas" I asked him smiling."Don't worry my sweetheart am a' chopie' too, I read and when I get bored i watch porn"Jade told me looking at my breasts.I had not worn my bra and my firm breasts pressed my T shirt outward making nipples almost visible."You naughty boy,I even doubt that you don't have another girlfriend around whom you also f**k".I told Jade throwing myself on his bed."I don't have its only you",Jade told me looking at my lips then he kissed me gently.It felt nice. I gave in on him and we kissed each other passionately. He removed his vest and a short leaving him naked..

I looked at his d*ck,it was very stiff erect,very had that I could see its veins protruding crossing each other.He pulled me up and removed my T shirt and started caressing and sucking my breasts stroking the nipples.He unzipped my skirt and removed it leaving me with my pantie only.My honeypot was already wet down there, Jade was driving me crazy by the foreplay.It was sweeter than the previous encounter. He removed my pantie and kissed my pu*y gently before settling to my clitoris,he sucked the clit with His tongue..I felt my vagina wall tremble,the feeling was so sweet that i was about to scream when Jade placed his hand on mouth..i held jade tight not knowing what was happening ,some fluid just came out of vagina with lots of pressure and splashed Jade face ,He reached his towel and wiped his face off.He held his hard erect penis and directed it to my pu*y lips and pushed himself inside me..

I thought I would feel pain but it dawned on me that I was not a virgin anymore.Jade started fucking my pu**y,thrusting his d*ck in and out slowly the faster and he kept alternating, he pumped me longer than what he had done previously, I was really feeling so nice that I prayed he continue before he cums but I was wrong..suddenly his body trembled and his body became stiff and he held me tight and he opened his eyes and mouth so wide and I knew he was cuming inside me.When he finished he dropped himself beside me and took a deep breathe looking weak.After about 10minutes his d*ck was up again and jade mounted on me again and this time he fucked me harder and longer."Grace let's try some style I saw on the magazine ",he told me turning my body to lay on my stomach he then entered me from behind.wooow! it was awesome. I could feel his d*ck penetrating deeper in me than in the previous missionary style..he fucked me until I couldn't hold anymore but scream due the sweetness I was feeling i was about to cum and again Jade held my mouth, even the thought of Monica and Stanley hearing me never crossed my mind,Jade fucked me harder ,his body trembled and I knew him too was Cumming,He pressed my body too hard on the bed while choking me as he cummed inside me....he then dropped beside me.I even don't know how we slept but I found myself sleeping next to Jade 5am in the morning.I woke up very first and got dressed then tiptoed to my bedroom. I found Sharon deep asleep.

I went straight to the bathroom and refreshed I looked myself in the mirror and I admired my self I felt like a big woman, my mission accomplished,I shaked my behind a little and smiled at myself in the mirror." Its time to have Stanley all by myself now,I will give him a dose of this next time he asks for it" I thought to myself.I got dressed and headed to the kitchen for usual morning routine. It was on a Saturday morning ,so there was no school.I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen when someone touched my behind.I turned thinking its Jade ,I was wrong it was Stanley, he kissed my lips a little, smiled at me and turned to leave without saying a word."serve me my breakfast grace today an leaving very early "Stanley said to me from the corridor heading to dining room." Just a minute sir", I said pouring tea in the Monica's favorite thermo flask.

During the day I met day I met Alice outside doing her normal washing she was not looking happy."What's wrong Alice you don't look happy" i asked her,she seemed stressed.She looked around as if to confirm nobody was else was hearing what she was to tell me." Grace,am pregnant. That statement alone made me stand stiff like someone hit by an electric shock,I had never thought of getting pregnant myself."What do you mean alice~ni ya nani~",I asked her trying to compose myself."Baba Ian of course,I feel so much confused I was using another drug called P2 but its like it failed me this time round"Alice told me looking scared."Does he know about it",I asked her.No I have not told him yet I fear to tell him because he gives me money to buy the P2 whenever we have sex.I have never had of such a drug myself so I needed to enquire more about it so that I would buy and drink before getting pregnant for Jade bearing the steamy sex session I had with him last night". What is this p2 you are talking about Alice "I asked her.She faked a smile and told me its an emergency pill taken by women in the morning after having unprotected sex if you don't want to get pregnant. And how much does it cost" I asked curiously ,200bob only and why are you inquiring are you sleeping with baba Jade?" No no its just that I don't know it,"I lied.

We talked with Alice for a while before going back to house.When I got into the house the thought of getting pregnant hit me. I took 200 Bob,I took a pen and a paper and wrote P2 on it, I went outside and sent our gate man~simon~ to buy drug for me the drug at a chemist which was just across the road.The gateman read the paper and looked at me."Grace are you sick" He asked me," yes am not feeling well,go now am waiting for you here at the gate.I knew he too never knew the drug when he asked me that question.

After a few minutes he was back with the P2 i hid it in my bra,went into kitchen and took it with a glass of water then leaned on the sink and took a deep breathe.

Episode 9 (nine)

"My dear I will be taking one week off from Monday its long since I rested " Stanley told Monica that Saturday evening while were taking supper."what shall you be doing for that one week?"Monica asked as if getting concerned about something. "I will be finalizing the purchase of the plot I was telling you the other day and may be fence it before I start developing it". Stanley told Monica." May be the one week off is to ensure he gets a chance to f**k your house girl proper.."I answered Monica in my thought.

Dad please take us out next Saturday it has been long since you took us out daddy", Sharon told her with a disappointed look before Favour supported it saying how she missed going out too ."Ook I have heard you ladies,we shall plan it with your mum,and where do you want to us to go Sharon?" Animal orphanage dad I heard there lions caged there I want to see them ."I second her we have never been to animal orphanage dad only Jade visited there last year in a school trip",Favour supported Sharon."I will remain behind I have been there so I don't have to go again"Jade said.I knew he wanted to remain back and may be have good time to f**k me."No we shall go as a family including Grace,Everybody! " Stanley said in a rather finalising tone..Dad "...Jade tried to protest..I have said we shall go as a family and that final". Sharon and Favour smiled,Looking at Jade." Thanks dad and mummy you are the best,Sharon told her parents looking rather happier.she stood on the chair and and dance a little which we all laughed..Sharon was very cunning at times.

Children had left for school,Monica too had left for work. It was on a Monday morning.The day was a little bit chilly and after finishing my morning cores I made a cup of coffee and i carried it to the sitting room,I took the remote and switched TV on.Monica's program was running and she hosted a certain cancer survivor lady who she was interviewing. I got carried by her narration in she got sick and how she recovered..I reached for my cup of coffee to take a sip but it was not in the table, Stanley was busy taking my coffee behind my knowledge I had not realized his presence.i stood up,"Sorry sir I had not seen you ..your breakfast is...shhh I told u that sir thing when we are alone like this is not important.He pulled me closer to him and kissed me."I have missed you so much my dear I hope today you don't have any excuse to deny me this goodies",Stanley said getting back to my lips and continued kissing my lips,He was a good kisser than his son Jade from how he was doing it..He then went to the main door and locked it from inside,"Have your breakfast first " I told him when he came back from closing the door."No you are my breakfast today"Stanley said lifting me in his arms like a small baby and took her to my bedroom and placed me on my bed,,,,

At least he respected his matrimonial bed,,,,He removed his short and vest and he was left naked his already erect looking up like a rocket jet,he came over to me and kissed me ,he unzipped my dress from behind and unhooked my bra at the same time removing the mat the same time,he rolled down my pantie and removed it we were left both naked .by seeing my nakedness his d*ck got harder and looked more mighty......Stanley d*ck was not that long but very thick......he caressed my breasts and sucked them in turns...He was proving more experienced than Jade may be from a number of women he had fucked.. I thought.. He dropped down there and sucked teasing my clitoris with tongue,he licked even my labia majora (pu*y lips) which really made feel being in cloud puy become so wet and my vagina walls started trembling.. That's when I realised I was screaming due to sweetness I could wait him to put enter me fk me Stanley f*k me..

I begged him, I opened my thighs wide open for him to enter me..he held his Dingdong with his hard and directed it to my vagina and gently entered me ,his d*ck was too thick for me to swallow but I was too wet to facilitate it..I felt some soreness down there but the sweetness superseded the the pain..he mounted on me and pumped me hard that I screamed like crazy mad person,but in just two minutes he shaked and trembled on top of me and I knew he Cumming inside me..he held tight and in the next minute he dropped beside me..he was done.. I felt unsatisfied his boy had given me an orgasm but he could not, I even thought he would rise again to the occasion but to my surprise he could not I tried to caress his d*ck but it remained limp. I needed some more but his d*ck failed me.

All in all I pretended to be so happy with him and I even told him how amazing he was in bed and kissed his chin.he woke up and got dressed and kissed my forehead smiled and told me "You so sweet my baby girl thanks"." You are welcome sweetheart" I told him faking a smile.I couldn't imagine its my boss I had just called sweetheart. "What am i becoming..??a prostitute?I thought to myself..sleeping with a dad and a son in the same house,what has gotten over me ,what if Monica gets to know this...but I need more money ..I have no option I have to do it"...I was lost in a deep thought when Stanley left.I work up and took a bath and went to relax in the sitting room like nothing had happened.

Later Stanley came out dressed casually holding car keys and I knew he was going out .He came kissed my chin ,he then reached his pocket and removed some new one thousand notes and handed them to me.."Here for being a good girl and I promise some goodies if you continue being nice to me like today. " Stanley said smiling.He looked happy for obvious reasons.I stood hugged and kissed him ".Good day sir" I said it jokingly... He looked at me smiled and left.See you later babygirl iheard him say as he left....I counted the notes and I had 10000 shillings in my hands...I had never counted such a huge amount with my hands in my entire life.."

The game has just began I thought to myself"I thought to myself.

Episode 10 (I got a feeling)

I closed the door from inside when Stanley left and leaned on it.I counted the money again and confirmed indeed it was 10000 shillings. I put it inside the bra and for the first time thought of how I would make even more money by giving Stanley some quality stuff~"men are always men" I thought.I went and sat on the sofa ,there was a certain Nigerian movie running on the TV, I continued watching it before a nap caught me and I slept..a knock at the door woke me up.I went and opened the door, it was Alice. "Grace it seems you didn't have much work today if could sleep at this time of the day",Alice told me looking surprised,"Yes i hard done more washing at the weekend so i had just a little washing today.It was noon. "What brings you here Alice ?you hardly enter this house and you also know Monica hates finding strangers in her house so how can i help you"Asked Alice who had already had welcomed herself and sat on the sofa.

" Don't worry yourself too much Grace I only have some good news then I leave, I also have some chores I have not finished and I want to go and finish before my boss lady returns",Alice told smile written all over her face."Good news?",I asked ,sitting on the sofa to receive the good news Alice had."I did an ** and it was successful,I feel relieved now I was so much stressed by that pregnancy Grace",Alice told me looking so happy like she had won a sportspesa jackpot. That thing hit me so hard and dawned on me that I had just had unprotected sex with Stanley and no thought of pregnancy had crossed my mind.

"Grace are you OK? What's the matter aren't you happy for me? Will you not say anything?",Alice asked me after realising I was lost deep in thought."Ooh nothing, its good at least now stress is gone but take care I don't want you to get pregnant again.",I told her faking a smile.When Alice left I went and sent Simon~ our gate man~ the P2 thing and I swallowed again.

"Today you are late what happened" Stanley asked Monica after she entered the house at 8pm."We had an evening meeting" Monica answered Stanley without further clarification. "Grace is food ready you my serve us now",Monica told me as if trying to evade Stanley questions. Yes ma'am let its already in the dining table.I served the food and we settled in the dinning table to have the dinner.

"Grace am happy you are doing a good job in this house nowadays and for that I will add your salary to 5000 shillings starting this month",Monica told me that evening as we were having supper."Thanks ma'am, I appreciate", I said to her politely." Or what do you think Baba Jade"Monica asked Stanley .Ooh yeah her work is good."Stanley said without talking much."Mum I love untie grace she always cooks delicious meals for us"Sharon told her mum looking so happy.Monica nodded in submission." Yes my baby girl untie food is always sweet.",Monica said to Sharon.I felt flattered.



The following morning after Children had left for school and Monica for work,I was mopping the floor at the sitting room when a phone rang from the sofa.It was Monica's phone Galaxy s7 she had forgotten her phone in the sofa. I took the phone and someone she had saved ~Brayo salon ~was calling,I did not receive the call but before I put the phone back to the sofa a message poped up."Thanks for checking on me yesterday sweetheart ,your such a sweet beib I have never fucked such a sweet pu**y,Have a fabulous day honey. ",the message read.I put the phone back to the sofa and continued with my work. Does is it mean Monica is cheating on her husband too? no matter she came home late yesterday", I thought as I continue mopping the floor singing my favorite hymn..

"Hey grace how is your morning" Stanley greeted me standing behind me admiring my curvy behind

Episode 11(We all like pussy)

"Morning Darling "I answered Stanley faking a smile.I had gathered enough confidence that i never feared him anymore.I stopped what I was doing ,went closer and gave him a tight hug,its at that position that he saw the Monica's phone on the sofa." Is that not mama Jades phone?",He asked.It is like she forgot it.He was about to go and pick it when I blocked his way then pulled him close to me ,"Hey aren't you not going to give me a kiss ",I asked Stanley in rather romantic tone that he stopped and looked me in the eyes for moment ,he held me tight to his chest and kissed my lips passionately ,Stanley was a good kisser.

She lifted me up without caution and carried me to my bedroom and dropped me on the bed.He was about to kiss me again when someone knocked the door." Go and check who is on the door",Stanley told as he hurriedly left my bedroom and went to their bedroom.I work up quickly and looked myself on the mirror before I going out to check whoever was at the door. I peeped at the door and I saw Simon with another unfamiliar guy standing at the door.I opened the door and the guy greeted me smiling.",Morning,you must be Grace,Monica has sent me to pick her phone that she forgot on the sofa","Wait a minute" ,I told him.I went to the corridor heading to Stanley's Master bedroom and called him.

He came to the door and the guy repeated what he had told me.Stanley took out his phone and called a colleague who passed the phone to Monica ,they talked for a moment and she confirmed she actually sent the guy ,when he hanged up,"Give him the phone ",Stanley told me.I took the phone and gave it to the dude.I don't know why I felt like covering up for my boss lady that I felt happy because Stanley never got to touch the phone otherwise he would have read the message too because Monica's phone had no security Lock"Let's postpone whatever we were to tomorrow I need to meet someone at 11am.", Stanley told when I closed the door behind me.He came closer to me and kissed me on my chin.," You need to have your breakfast first,"I told him.

I served him the breakfast and sat beside him as he took the breakfast. "I appreciated for the money you gave me Yesterday dear you such a gentleman," I told Stanley smiling as he was munching a yam."Don't even go there that's just a drop in the ocean more treats are on way ,just be nice to me and I got your You,"Stanley told me ."Am also thinking of buying you a phone so that it can be easy for us to communicate but I don't want Monica to know it,when she comes in the evening tell her to loan you some money to buy a phone and leave the rest to me",Stanley told me taking the last sip of tea from the cup,"You such a darling thanks so much honey" I told Stanley giving him warm hug as he left to their bedroom to prepare himself.He smiled at me and gazed at me for a moment..I could see the desire to have me again in his eyes but he was late it was already 10am and he had a meeting in town at 11am.

In the evening Monica came home much earlier than she was used to.The children too were at home had come back from school. Monica found me serving~ akina Jade,Favour and Sharon some uji."Hello everyone",Monica greeted her children after entering the house. Sharon and Favoured stood to hug their mother."Mum come let's take Uji"Sharon told her mum."No baby I need a glass of water to cool my nerves,Grace give me a glass of water "Monica said while seating on the sofa.I gave her water and went to the kitchen for evening chores. I was busy in the kitchen ,when Monica came and offered to help cook supper."Thanks ma'am" I said to her politely after offering to help me. "Grace how many marks did you score in KCPE?"Monica asked me suddenly." 330 marks " I told her.What? So you that bright? that means you had been offered to attend a good high school. "Monica asked me as she stopped cutting some onions."Yes I was to join kahuhia girls but mum could not fees"I told her.

Monica looked at me as if she wanted to tell me something,"so you could be in form three now?," she asked looking concerned."Yes ma'am ,".I answered. "There are various schools that enroll adults who would wish to continue with their secondary education in town may be you can enroll to one when you have saved enough money so that you can have a secondary school certificate and may be further your education if you do better..I can even be giving you time to go to school as as you work for me as long as you can prove yourself to manage both " Monica told me.

I was puzzled Monica had never been so nice to me like that evening, she talked like just a born again Christian,just the other day she promised to increase my salary and now she is advising me to save enough money and enroll for secondary education???. I was used to the harsh,no nonsense Monica."Thanks ma'am I will think about it and may be I can join later after saving enough money to pay school fees".I told Monica politely."And ma'am I need to buy a phone ,I was asking if you could lend me some money then you can be deducting it from my salary, "I took the opportunity of her good mood to tell her what her husband had told me to do in the morning." How much do you need",Monica asked to my surprise. I was not expecting such an answer from her.I even never knew the cost of a phone as I had never bought one. "I don't know the prices of a phone but I would wish to own a simple smartphone," I answered her not knowing if I had really answered her question.

"OK I will talk to Baba Jade then we shall see what to do,"Thanks ma'am told her faking a smile ,I knew I had done my part and Stanley would do the rest." Suddenly Monica looked at me with a serious look on her face..."And talking of a phone between you and Baba Jade who saw my phone first in the morning."Monica asked me looking me in the eyes."I saw it first while mopping the sitting room",i answered her,"did baba Jade took it by any chance ?" She asked me looking tensed I knew it was about the message ."No she didn't even touch the phone, is there a problem Ma'am?"," Yes there is a problem.... Who told you to read my message?"..that question hit me so hard..and before I could answer her...."Whatever you read in that phone just make sure you keep your mouth shut!,did you hear me?" Monica told me in a rather intimadating tone."Yes ma'am I heard you I even saw nothing,"She looked at me faking a smile ,I faked a smile back too."Now take those plates to the dining table"Monica told me.We were almost done cooking.I took the plates to the dining table.

I was feeling tired that night and after doing the washing of the utensils we had used for supper, I went straight to the bed.Sharon was fast asleep.I had Just covered myself with blankets when someone opened our bedroom door...

Episode 12 (Machine gun dick)

..It was Jade.He entered our bedroom and closed the door behind him.He came over to my bed and started caressing my butt. He wanted to f**k me."Please Grace come to my room and give me only one shot am very horny",Jade whispered in my ears."No am very tired Jade and also am not in the mood right now all I want is to sleep".I told Jade.He continued to caress my buttocks ,I turned and slept on my back,Jade shifted his hands now to my breasts and caressed them ,I never used to sleep with a bra or pantie ,I only slept wearing my night dress.

"Please Grace ",Jade begged. I touched his machine,it was very hard erect that I could feel its veins pulsating.I Pitied him.He continued caressing my breasts that I got aroused,He caressed my thighs and I felt a sudden wave of heat rush through my nerves,I was becoming horny,"Stop Jade go to your room am coming", I told Jade .I decided to give him a quickie then I come and sleep.I woke up and tiptoed to Jades bedroom and closed the door,I found him standing naked,his erect Penis facing at me like a KDF mortar ready to launch a bomb in a alshabaab camp, He raised my night dress up and removed it..

Kissed my lips a little..before gentle pushing me on his bed,he came over and mounted on me and without caution he pushed his d*ck into my vagina penetrating me,I felt little pain because my honeypot was not well lubricated, but when he started pumping me ,the pain disappeared and sweetness reigned.This boy was amazing I could imagine a class 8 Student banging my ass like that and with that level of confidence., in fact Jade was proving to better than his Father in bed. He kept pumping me ,sliding his dingdong in and out my pu*y ,I could feel my his d*ck stimulating my vagina walls triggering a sweet sensation into my nerves.,I opened my legs wider so that he could penetrate me even deeper.He fucked and pumped me for like 5minutes before he suddenly moaned and his body trembled and became stiff,the boy choked me as he ejaculated inside my pu*y.When he was done he dropped beside me breathing so hard.

"Sleep now",I told him as I stood to leave..He grabbed me and kiss my chin"Thanks beb you are so sweet"Jade whispered on my ears.I got dressed and left. I went straight to my bed and slept almost immediately.

The following morning Monica woke up very early.She helped me to prepare the dining table and also applying peanut butter on the bread as I cooked tea.She also helped me to wake Sharon and Favour ."Today I want to leave early I got some work I need to finish in the office before my program starts",Monica told me as I served them tea together with her children.I looked at jade then his mother and a wave of fear run through my nerves to my medulla."If Monica knew I was fucking his son and husband at the same time he would burn me hot water or even some hot uji",I thought.

But Jade looked composed and innocent ,You would think he was very holy."Mum and remember June 6 is my birth I would love to throw a bash here in the house and welcome my friends",Jade to her mother."Don't worry my son remind me where it remains a week I will help you sort that out".Monica told Jade.Jade was turning 15."Grace, we have decided with Baba Jade to buy you a smartphone as reward of your good work instead of lending you money to buy one. ",Monica told me faking a smile.I was so happy.I knew its Stanley who had pushed that for me.It was also a good enticement for Monica as I had known her little dirty secret.

We took the breakfast.Jade,Favour and Sharon left for school,Monica too got prepared and left for work.It was around 6am into he morning.After they left I started doing my morning duties. I washed clothes ,cleaned the house and utensils. By 9am I was done.Stanley was still sleeping. I decide to refresh myself by taking a bath,I went to my bedroom undressed and entered the bathroom.There used to be a big mirror in the bathroom, I looked myself at the mirror and realized i had already become a grown up woman,my breasts were now of reasonable size,my hips were more round plus my supporting documents were so appealing." No wonder Stanley and his Son are hunting me like this",I thought...Its while admiring myself on the mirror when suddenly the bathroom door opened and Stanley stood there naked gazing at me..

Episode 13 (Love music)

Stanley entered in the bathroom and closed the door behind him.He gazed at me for a moment before grabbing me close to him ,we were both naked.He kissed my lips ,rolling his tongue against mine,he did it so passionately that I could feel my body starting to 'burn'.He opened the shower such that it started sprinkling water on our bodies,he then adjusted the shower heater to warm the water."Stanley aki! What are you doing ",I asked him not really understanding if he wanted to f**k me inside the bathroom." Relax ,let's have a bath together"He told me smiling smearing some soap on my body. Stanley was driving me crazy, It had never dawned on me that a man and a woman would shower together.

The feeling was awesome, warm water flashing my body as Stanley caressed it with his magic hands.The feeling got me horny as he stroked my breasts and caressed them ,I reached for his d*ck ,it had become erect already looking might.I started caressing and squeezing it gentlly that it became even harder,I took soap and I applied on Stanley's body before settling again at his d*ck.I started stroking it,I reached for his balls and caressed them gently, I could tell it was feeling sweet as Stanley closed him eyes while his face was glowing like that of someone dreaming swimming in a pool of cash.All this time, Stanley was holding me close to him,he was already on my clit..teasing it with his middle finger and the other hand caressing by buttocks.

The shower soothed us rinsing all the soap on our body ,it was such an experience, I felt sweet sensation sailing in my nerves all over my body,I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the rhythm. Stanley was closing his eyes too.We did our thing like for 20 minutes. Stanley could not hold the desire to penetrate me any longer,he lifted me up to his waist as I locked my legs behind his back,my pu*y was already well lubricated as I was really horny and wet down there. He pushed himself inside me and penetrated me ,I felt a sudden wave of heat run across my body through my nerves to my medulla, I screamed due to sweetness,I held Stanley tight as he pumped me giving me a fk in an amazing standing position, That morning, he seemed mightier and harder than previously, I was even waiting him to cum faster but I was wrong."fk me harder ,do it harder beb,tear my pu*y apart beb,push it harder"

I found myself telling Stanley who was thrusting and pumping me like crazy .I would feel his Dingdong slithering in and out of my pu*y, stimulating my vagina walls causing such a sweet sensation which made feel like I was in cloud 9 as shower rained on us making the whole experience sweet and wanting. Stanley reached for tap and closed it,The water stopped showering us,he moved with me holding me in that position to my bed, his d*ck still inside my puy.He gently dropped me on the bed such that he was on top of me,he fucked me until my puy became hot,I could not hold it any longer, my body was already trembling with pleasure, I screamed as Stanley moaned ,I erupted like a volcano as i literary saw some stars when I closed my eyes as fluids flowed out of my pu*y, Stanley's body became stiff as he moaned loudly pressing my body hard on the bed, I knew him too was cumming. His body trembled as he ejaculated deep inside me.He breathed so hard as he dropped beside me.

I felt relaxed as my body cooled ,I placed one my leg on top of Stanely caressing his back with my hand.We slept in that position for like one hour before Stanely suddenly woke up and checked time on my table clock, it was 11am.."There is someone I want to see in town at noon",He told me reaching his short to wear,and behold a packet written on top Viagra fell down on the floor from his short pocket.."What's that beb"' I asked him ,I had never seen such kind of drug that at first I thought its a condom."This is called Viagra, it makes a man stronger while in bed" Stanely told me so casually smiling, putting the packet on his pocket."No wonder he was that strong that morning.He had taken some viagra just to f**k hard my honeypot.It was none my business though,

All I was interested in is to make a fortune."He wore the short and his vest and kissed my chin as I was still in bed,I was still feeling dizzy. "Mama Jade will bring you the phone I promised you sweetheart, I convinced her that we buy you a phone as result of hard worked" Stanely told me smiling closing his one eye a little like if he meant giving him my pu**y was part of that' hardwork'.I was amused by how Stanely was easily calling sweetheart while I almost young enough to be his daughter.I kissed his chin as a sign of saying thank you.He reached his pocket and removed some 1000 notes.."I think even your mum needs a reward for siring such a beautiful sweet daughter",Stanely told as he handed me the money, I knew he meant I send the money to mum.I didn't even count the money I placed it under the pillow and slept,I was still feeling dizzy.

And then......

Episode 14 (The epiphany)

I woke up at 2pm.It was on a Friday.Stanely was already gone ,I went to the bathroom and took a shower before going to relax on the sitting room.I switched on the TV and I found a program going ,it was about women health and various ways of family planning. I decided to follow the program now that I was sexually active.I learnt different ways of family planning as the guest doctor on the TV gave thorough explanations on how to go about it.The doctor aslo discouraged the use of a P2 as a method of family planning citing it to be disastrous to woman health.I decided to do a family planning instead of using the p2's..

I settled for Depo Provera.The doctor said It was to be injected after every three months. But to be safe, I decided to 'eat' my p2 before I went to the clinic for injection. I went outside and sent our gate-man to buy the P2 for me."Grace if you are still sick why not go to the hospital for a check up, it seems this drug is not helping you",Simon, our gate man told me after coming back with the p2, he had no idea that it was an emergency pill.I just smiled and told him if it persists, I will go to hospital. "How far did you go in terms of education", I asked Simon. "Class five", He told me looking sad."When both our parents died, we could no longer continue with school.., we started doing manual jobs for our survival",Simon added." And what happened to your parents Simon?" I asked him curiously.

"They died of HIV aids,my father was very evil ,he always slept around with prostitutes who infected him with the virus and later he infected my mum, I hate him even today", Simon told me with a lot bitterness. That statement made feel like a prostitute, sleeping with father and son.That meant if Stanely infected me with HIV his son would also be in danger."Grace are you OK" Simon asked me after realising I was lost in thought. "No,nothing just that I pity you", I lied. "And how old are you Simon ?", I asked him faking a smile ." I'm turning 27 this month"Simon told me .

I was surprised because I thought he was older than that.Poverty has a way of humiliating people making them look old and emaciated.Simon was a dark tall guy but he was slim..though he had a broad chest with no much Flesh on it may due to his alcoholic lifestyle~he always had a moonlight bottle in his pocket ~ and he rarely ate his food."Simon are you married? ",I found myself asking Simon." I marry a wife to be eating what?I will marry when I get enough money that can sustain a family, right now I save the little I get"Simon told me."What about a girlfriend? Do you have one?" I asked him.

He looked to me like he never expected such a question from me."For now, I don't have a girlfriend,my Ex gal left me saying she could not cope with that level of poverty I was in ,she later got married to a teacher and they have one child now"Simon told me looking emotional,it seemed he really loved that girl from his face expression, I didn't want that story to go on.I reached my bra and removed the notes that Stanely had given me I counted it .It was 6000 shillings. "Simon I need a favour,go to the mpesa just across the road and deposit these 5500shillings in your phone number then you come we send it to my mum", I told him handing over the money to him faking a smile to woo him as I was used to send him whenever I needed something from shop.Simon had an old phone Techno C118 .

I noticed Simon staring my breasts as I gave him the money then he withdrew when he realized I saw him." Grace its not yet end of month, where did you get all this money from?" He asked me looking suprised."I also save the little I get "I lied to him.He went and did as I requested.We sent the money to my mum and I called her to confirm that she had received the money.She was very happy. " My daughter may God continue blessing you I'm very proud of you and be a good girl",she paused a little and then told me "And by the way, do you know I just realised today is your birthday, you just turned 18years,and I was thinking its high time you registered for a and ID card now that you are of age", my mum told me.I assured her I would register.We talked so many things until the airtime was finished.I was surprised it was almost 4 years since I did my KCPE,time really flies." Hey Grace your balance "Simon told me handing 500kes note."You can keep it for being good to me.", I told simon who his face glowed with a smile with the mention of 'you can keep it'." Thank you so much Grace " He told me as i went back to the house for evening chores.

"Good evening everybody " Monica greeted us as she entered the house smile written all over her face.I was serving her children uji" when she entered. Sharon jumped and went hug her mum Favour followed. Jade just got her mum as usual..taking another sip of uji."Grace here is your reward as promised! " ,Monica told me with a smily face holding a brand new infinix Smart' Phone."Thanks so much ma'am ,God bless you",I found myself telling Monica .I was very happy that my dream of owning a phone had finally come true,But there was a problem I had no simcard."Grace come here I show you how to operate"Jade told me.He was very used to smartphones that when his dad's or his mum's phone misbehaved, he could easily fix them."But I don't have a simcard ",I told jade ." Don't worry we shall buy tomorrow don't you know Dad promised to take us out tomorrow we shall buy on our way",Jade told me as he started unboxing it.Jade used to own a simcard he inserted it in the phone then did some setting as he showed me how to operate it.It also had a front camera.Jade took a selfie of both of us all smiles.

We were about to have supper when Stanely Jo uined us.He came late that day and he looked kind of a little drunk."I'm taking everybody out tomorrow as I promised ,so wake up early we shall leave at 8am",Stanely said squeezing some ugali with his fingers.The supper was ugali with some meat stew.Sharon and Favour were so happy." But unfortunately I won't be with you because I got a special meeting tomorrow that I can't fail to attend ",Monica said looking at Stanely."Its OK us we shall go and have fun", Stanely said looking at Sharon."Mummy don't worry you shall be represented by auntie Grace" Sharon told her mum ,a statement that made me feel a wave of fear hit my nerves."Yes she will take care of you",Monica answered Sharon.She didn't take the statement as I thought.

Later it was time to sleep Everybody went to sleep except Jade who was left watching a movie at the sitting room .I was always the last person to sleep as I did the washing and prepare for the next morning. When I was done I went and joined Jade at the sitting room.Jade shifted from where he was seated to where I was.I knew he wanted to caress my fundamentals but I was not ready for fact I had decided not to let him touch me again.."Stop it Jade I'm not in the mood" I told Jade who was already trying to seduce me.I left him there and went to bed. But he switched off the TV and followed me.

Episode 15 (Jaded)

"Grace please, give me one shot please I love you so much, I am begging you", Jade was literary begging me for sex after he followed me to my bedroom. "Jade please ,go and sleep, I am not in the mood right now",I tried to dismiss Jade who was proving to be very stubborn. I covered myself with blankets ,he tried to caress my buttocks but I could not let him, he tried to reach my breasts but I coiled myself in the blankets that it became hard for him." Jade please, go I told you I'm not in the mood". By this time, I was almost shouting.Jade was afraid when I started raising my voice, he thought his parents would hear me shouting, he left. I pitied him as he left but I was decided, there was no way I was going to sleep with dad and son in the same house again.vAs soon as Jade left, it started raining heavily, the rain soothed me and I slept almost immediately.

I woke up at 0600hrs on a beautiful Saturday Morning. The day looked promising, the sky was clear and the sun brightness could be seen from the East as the sun slowly came out of the horizon. I boiled some 'nduma' and prepared tea .I took them to the dining table ,I went to dirty clothes bin collected all dirty clothes and did the washing and by 8am I was done.Monica and Stanely were all wake and they had just joined the dining table for breakfast when I joined them."Have you finished washing the clothes Grace?" Monica asked me as I sat down."Yes, ma'am I'm done, I had done a lot of washing yesterday "I answered Monica Politely." I said we shall be leaving by 8am and this is the time you guys are waking up eeh,don't you want to go out", Stanely asked with rather an authoritative voice."No daddy, we want to go ",Sharon and Favour answered in unison." Everybody should be ready at 9am, I want us to go and come back early, Jade finish up then go outside and tell Simon to clean my car ",Stanely addressed Jade munching a piece of nduma.

"And talking of Simon, he looks very weak these days,Grace do you normally give him food?",Monica asked me." Yes I have never failed to give him his share even day time",I answered Monica politely. "I think Simon is becoming alcoholic ,that makes him lack appetite", Stanely commented."I don't need a weak Guy for a watchman, he will have to chose between alcohol or the job we employed him to do", Monica said addressing Stanely." So what do we do,sack him?",Stanely asked Monica. "No just talk to him first and let's see if he will change,Let's go we need to get prepared I also got a meeting at 10am", Monica said to stanely standing up.She left to their bedroom as Stanely followed her. " Favour go and prepare your self ,Sharon let's go ",I told the gals..Favour could bath herself and dress all by herself unlike Sharon. Jade had gone outside to give Simon car keys to wash the vehicle.

By 9am, everybody was outside ready to go out. Simon had already finished to wash Stanely's car which we were to use. We got in the car,Jade sat at the front seat and the three of us sat at the back seat." Simon, come, I need to speak to you",I heard Stanely tell Simon as he came out of the house.He pulled him a aside and i could see them conversing,I knew it was about what they had just talked with His wife., Then Stanely came and took the wheel as Simon rushed to open the gate for us."Enjoy yourselfs guys! "Monica shouted as she waved to us.

At 10:30am, we were already at Nairobi National park just after the Lang'ata cemetery.The climate there was cool may be due to the many trees in the nearby forest and also in the compound.

We toured the animal orphanage section, where we saw many caged wild animals including Lions,cheetahs, Leopards,Tigers, hyenas among others.To me, it was such an experience because in my childhood, I had not seen this animals physically, I only read them in story books. I took photos with my brand new smartphone,we also took some selfies with Jade and his dad, then me together with girls, it was such a beautiful moment. We later went to safari walk and enjoyed carvings and skulls of different animals, then to giraffe center.Everybody was so happy including Stanley who, like a teacher at that moment was explaining almost everything we encountered, in fact you could think he was working there as a tour guide.

Later we went to KWS canteen and took some snacks and sodas,it was very enjoyable.Its when enjoying the snacks I looked at Stanley and the Jade ,Jade really resembled his father,I wondered if they knew that they had both fucked me.Jade looked innocent and he never showed any interest in me whenever his parents were around. But i could catch Stanley staring at breasts, but he could not say anything fishy as Favour and Sharon were with us throughout the day.

We left and headed home at 3pm.It was on a Saturday and there was no much traffic and by 4pm, we had already arrived home ,Simon opened the gate for us ,he looked sober it seemed that day 'hakulewa' ,"may be he chose job over alcohol when Stanley confronted him",I thought.

I knew Monica was already home as her car was already in the parking.When we stepped outside the car, there was sweet aroma that was coming from house.We entered the house and behold Monica had made some Chapo and she was now preparing some fish stew which really produced such an appetizing Aroma."Hi mummy, your food is smelling sweet from outside ",Sharon said to her she hugged her, Favour too hugged her mother. "Hello dear how was day?", Stanley greeted Monica casually heading to their bedroom.

Everybody refreshed and came back to the sitting room,I went in the kitchen to help Monica with cooking."Take those plates to the dining table I am joining you shortly, today I am the one serving you dinner"Monica told me with a smile like that of Lotto winner.She looked happier that day.

That day we took supper early at round 6pm .We enjoyed the Chapo and fish stew as Favour and Sharon briefed their mother about the day. Jade was asking his father about some other wild animals that we never saw in the orphanage.I was busy dealing with the fish as i listened to 'akina' Sharon giving 'muchene' to their mother.

That day we slept early.I didn't even wash the utensils as I postponed to wash them next morning, I felt tired and all I wanted is to sleep.I didn't know how long i had slept but a loud scream woke me up.

Episode 16 (The big Demon)

I felt like I was dreaming, but I wasn't. Someone was screaming* loudly,I uncovered myself switching on the bulb, I couldn't help but laugh like a mad person,when I noticed what was happening. It was Sharon screaming, Stanely and Monica came rushing to our bedroom as they heard the screams, Sharon was still screaming when they entered. "What's up, what's the problem my baby girl",Monica asked her daughter as she uncovered her.She was dreaming, Sharon was very traumatized when his mother woke her up and cut her dream short.

"Sharon what's wrong, hy are you screaming",her Father asked."Sharon was still shaking, she could not speak, when she finally spoke, she narrated, "I was dreaming two lions chasing after me, they wanted to eat me, I tried to hide in bushes, but they were still pursuing me, until they caught up with me..and they wanted to eat me", Sharon told us looking very worried. Everybody, including Stanely laughed out loudly." Just relax my baby girl, it was just a dream, go back to sleep, Auntie Grace is here they won't chase you again", Monica assured her as she covered her again with blankets. Monica and Stanley went back to their bedroom. I think Sharon was dreaming with Lions she saw at the orphanage.I checked my table clock it was 2am,I woke up went to the washroom then came back and slept.

Days passed into weeks,and weeks into months. Stanley got used to fucking me and giving me money after every f**k.He bought so many gifts for me,including clothes ,shoes and other girly things.I transformed to become a beauty queen.My affair with Monica's husband remained a secret.I also stopped fucking Jade.Within a span of 4months I had milked Stanley Over 200,000 shillings and he was still willing to give me more .

I used the part of money to furnish my mum's house back home and also buy clothes for my kid sisters and brother ,I got so much experience in sex as I read romantic magazine's on how to make a man happy in bed, I learnt many different sex styles and also how to give a good message to a man. I never feared getting pregnant as I was injected with DEPO after every three months in a certain clinic in town .Sometimes I could just massage Stanley without having sex and he could me pay me handsomely.I became the center of interest in the family as everybody loved me so much,even Monica who used to be harsh to me became friendly, though I avoided being too close to her.Our gateman too within a span of 4months he had transformed, he stopped drinking alcohol .He started doing some work outs and became very fit, his chest regained its lost glory and became very masculine, his appetite also doubled.He converted a space behind his house to be a gym.He had heavy rocks he used lift every morning and evening.He started looking young and handsome and I even started admiring him myself.I loved his transformation.It seemed he listened and heeded to Stanley's advice when he talked him.

In Mid October that year Monica was given a one month Leave.We used to sometimes stay indoors with her when she was not going out.We got used to each other and interacted well.We would share so many things and sometimes we could have a woman to woman talk and she would give me "advice" on so many things, including Love,marriages and other life experiences. During that one month, Stanley couldn't get a good chance to f**k me as he was used to in the morning hours when everybody left bse now Monica was always around.

One afternoon Monica sent me to go and do some shopping at Naivas. I prepared myself and left. I went to Naivas supermarket which was about 15 minutes walk from Stanley's residence, i did the shopping and within a an hour I was back.When i arrived at gate, Simon was not where he used to seat during the day.I pushed the small gate and entered the compound ,as I went past Simon quarter.. I heard some people making noise inside Simon's quarter and I thought may be he had a visitor.I went to straight in the house and put items that I bought at their place. Monica was not at the sitting room neither at the kitchen.I thought she was in the bedroom. I went close to their bedroom door to call her and inform her that I was back but there was no response. That's when a thought crossed my mind." Could she be the one in the Simon's quarter? ",I thought to myself. I tiptoed outside just close to Simon's quarter and I could hear some noise coming from the quarter.

I got closer to the door ,and behold I could now hear their voices well and I could tell they were having sex ,and from how they moaned it was a very steamy session. I got even closer and that's when I heard Monica's voice begging for more sex." f**k me harder Simon, go deeper than that.., tear it a part simon its all yours". I couldn't believe it was happening, it was like I was dreaming.."ilikuwa ni kama video ni kama drama", I was now certain that Simon, our gateman was fucking her Boss lady.I went back to the house and I started doing my evening chores like if I had heard nothing,after about 30 minutes Monica came back and she was surprised to see me in the house."Grace I thought you are not back yet,you were too fast today ",Monica told as i rinsed some plates," Yes ma'am ,I just went straight to the supermarket, did the shopping and came back directly",I answered her politely .I turned and looked at her, guilt was written all over face...

Episode 17 (The lift)

"I'm from the shops outside to buy airtime",Monica lied to me." Ok ma'am ,let me prepare uji for the children before they arrive from school",I told her pretending not to know anything."Ok let me help you to prepare supper as you make uji."Ma'am, I need some few days to go home to greet my mum plus i also want to go and register for an ID card now that I'm of age".I told Monica who was busy chopping some carrots."How many days do you need ?",she asked me. "Actually ma'am, I need a week, it will be enough for me", I told her faking a smile."It's ok, I will talk to my husband, we shall see about it",she told me.One thing about Monica was that she always consulted Stanley before she did anything, except may be while giving out her 'nunu' to her play boys.I loved it when I needed something and she would tell me she will ask Stanley,I knew I already have it.

The following morning as Stanley and Monica were having breakfast, I heard them conversing, I was in the kitchen, "Yeah,its healthy to give her some few days off before your leave ends", i heard Stanley telling Monica. " Ok let's give her the off starting tomorrow ", Monica suggested. " Have you paid her this monthly salary ", Stanley asked Monica. " Not yet you know the month is not over", Monica answered him. "Yes I know but make sure you pay her tomorrow as she goes home, it's good so that she can make her mother and siblings some shopping ", Stanley told Monica. " In fact, I can drop her in town as I go to work tomorrow ", Stanley added, " It's ok, I will talk her so that she can get prepared ", Monica told Stanley who was already on his way out. It had been 2 weeks since Stanley fucked me and to be frank, I missed him, I had come to love him so much, that now I missed him,he had been so nice to me, but the idea of giving me a lift to town made feel nice, I knew he would surprise me on the way as he was full of surprises when we were together.

I pretended to be busy when Monica entered the kitchen. " Grace ,get prepared, your off will start tomorrow, Baba Jade will drop in town tomorrow morning as he goes to work", Monica told me smiling. She didn't know I already heard them conversing. "Thanks ma'am, I will prepare myself", I was happy that finally I was going home. I felt good about my transformation as everyone would be happy to see me, i also missed to see my mum and siblings.

In the evening while having supper, I would catch Stanley looking at me., but I would avoid his eye contact.Jade and his sisters were busy talking about different teachers at their school and how they behaved. Monica and Stanley were just there listening to their kids. " Grace, did Mama Jade tell you I will give you a lift tomorrow morning as you go home", Stanley asked me with an authoritative voice. You would think he has never seen my honeypot, he was such a good pretender. "Yes sir, she told me", I answered him politely. "Ok be ready by 7: 30am", He told me. "Ok sir", I nodded. " Grace are you going home? ", Jade asked me looking as if he was not ok with that. "Auntie Grace, will you come back", Sharon asked me with faded look. " Yes baby, I will be right back", I answered her. "Aki tutaboeka auntie ukienda", Favour added. " She is just going for a week then she will be back", Monica assured them.

Later, after everybody had slept, I was left in the kitchen as usual as I did my washing, Jade came in the kitchen and stood by the door. "Jade why are you not going to sleep", I asked him. " Grace, why do you refuse me to touch you these days", Jade asked me. I turned and Faced him. "I realized I was doing a mistake and if your parent get to know about it they might sack me or even have me arrested and I don't want that", I told him. " But we can keep it a secret Grace, imagine I love you so much", He pleaded. "No, I can't do that anymore, just forget what we did and move on, or else you find another girlfriend", I told Jade who stood there gazing at my breasts. His d*ck was already erect pressing his short outward.I pitied him but I was decided, I better get caught having sex with Stanley than Jade. He came closer to me and tried to seduce me, he reached for my breasts and caressed them, he kissed my chin, I didn't resist, he tried to raise my dress up, I got provoked and slapped him hard. He pulled back, " Grace please, just one shot and I will never ask you for sex again", he pleaded.

Episode 18 (fortnite on the pussy)

But I was not ready to give him my Honeypot again, I was decided though I was feeling a little bit horny as it was 2weeks since stanely touched me. "Go and sleep Jade it won't happen and it will never happen again", I told Jade pointing him with a' mwiko'. He looked at me with a sad face, you could think someone had died, he turned and left when he saw how serious I was. When I finished washing I also went to sleep.

The following day, I woke up very early at 4pm.I packed my clothes and my basic necessities that I needed while at home. I then went in the kitchen to prepare the breakfast. I woke the children and prepared them for school, That morning even Jade could not wake himself as usual, I had to wake him up. Monica was still in bed while school bus arrived, I took the children to the bus and they boarded to school. When I came back to the house, I met Monica in the Kitchen," Has the school bus arrived? ", she asked me. She was still sleepy." Yes, children have already left ", I told her." Ooh I over slept today", she said as she reached her pocket, she was wearing a trouser and I wondered if she had slept with it on. "Here, this is 10000shillings your this month salary then rest you can do some shopping for your mum as you go home", Monica told as she handed me the money. " Thanks ma'am, I appreciate ", I told her trying to fake a smile. It wasn't much considering how much Stanley used to give me for just a normal massage. " Also get ready, Baba Jade said he will be leaving at 7: 30am and wants to give you a lift,I want to go back to sleep, have a safe journey home and greet your mum", Monica told me as she went back to her bedroom.

I looked at her behind as she left, her hips were becoming bigger and more curvier, She had started visiting the gym on Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays,I wondered what was so special with me that Stanley was busy chasing, that his wife didn't have.

I went to the bathroom and undressed, I covered my body with a towel and entered in the bathroom. I was feeling a little bit horny, I had stayed for two weeks without D, I wished if Stanley could just come and bang me a shot in the bathroom as I admired my beautiful body in the bathrooms mirror. I bathed and got dressed, I settled for a tight jeans trouser and a white top, with some matching white flat shoes, I complimented my look with beautiful necklace and hand bands which were all Stanley's gifts. I never used to do make ups, my hair had become longer but not like that of Monica.I used to keep simple by just doing a blow dry and holding it with a band at the back. "Hey grace where are you, it's already time, or have you changed your mind", Stanley called from the sitting room. I checked on my table clock, it was 7: 32, I don't know if time moved faster or I took time too prepare myself. I took my bag and went out.

I found Stanely seated on the sitting room writing something on his notebook," Goodmorning Sir? have you taken your breakfast",I asked him. "Yes am already full", he told me smiling. He gave me the cars keys to go and load my bag. I went and loaded my bag on the backseat then I sat on the front seat and put on the safety belt. "Are you good to go", Stanley asked me when he got behind the steering. He looked at me, we both smiled for obvious reasons. " I'm ready to to go sir", I answered him jokingly. Simon opened the gate for us, Simon didn't even know I was going shagz..He waved Stanley to stop when he saw me in the car. He greeted Stanely, then me"hey Grace are you going home?, he asked me looking so happy~I think you know why." Yes I'm going home Simon", I answered him."Ooh, alright safe journey and greet everybody", he told me as he waved us.I looked at Simon as Stanely drove off ,he had really transformed.

He was becoming big and energetic, his broad chest had some meat now and he now looking kind of a bouncer,He also had bought some new clothes which made him look more handsome "I like Simon transformation, it seems he heeded to my advice, he now looks healthy and full of strength", Stanely told me as he overtook a truck which was moving very slow. "Yes, he has changed.", I told Stanely without adding much details. What Stanely didn't know is that may be by that Simon was giving his wife an orgasm back home. " Grace you become beautiful by day, see how beautiful you are today", Stanley told me looking at my breasts. I felt nice for the compliment. He slowed down as we found some traffic jam on Jogoo road." I have really missed you dear, imagine two weeks without your sweet pu**y plus now you are going home for another week ", Stanely told me caressing my right thigh.

I looked at his d*ck,it was already hard erect pushing his trousers outward. " Hey people might see you caressing my thigh ",I told him. "Don't worry, windows are tinted no one can see us from ouside. The traffic started moving again. He held the steering with to hands as there was a matatu trying to overlap. " Grace I want to pay you for a taxi to take you home", Stanely suddenly told me. It got me by a surprise. I laughed, My dear you think our home is near?, it's very far", I told stanely. "Didn't you tell me you are from Ndakaini", Stanely asked me. " Yes just past Ndakaini Dam", I told him. He smiled, "Now that's not far also I'm the one who is paying for you", he insisted. I agreed. He looked at me Lustfully, "sweetheart I'm very horny for you, do you mind if we go and enjoy ourselves in a room in town. ", He asked me , I looked at him, I saw his desire to have me deep inside his eyes. I was feeling horny too plus Stanely was always nice to me, I agreed. His face glowed with happiness. " Are you not going to be late for work", I asked him. "Don't worry about that dear ", he told me.

He took out his phone and called someone. " Make sure everything is in order I might be a little bit late", he told the person on the line and hanged up. Suddenly, i heard a loud bang from outside...

Episode 19 (Viagra)

"Ooh f**k!!! "Stanely shouted looking at the sidemirror, he pulled the car handbrake, put on the hazard lights and got out of the car fuming. " That's when I realised a Toyota Succeed had just hit Stanely's Audi from behind. I saw a police officer who was controlling the traffic coming towards the scene. People from nowhere also started gathering at the scene." Am sorry sir just forgive me I will cater for the damaged brake light", I heard the lady who was driving the Toyota succeed pleading with Stanely. I got out of the car too to check how bad the stanely car was hit, I saw that it was only the right brake light that had been broken." Good morning sir", the police officer greeted Stanely as he inspected the damaged light. The officer then pulled Stanely and the Lady driver aside and I saw them conversing. Later i saw them greet each other as they laughed. The Lady driver went to her car and came with a envelope and handed it to stanely. "Get in the car we are already late", Stanely told me. " How did it go "I asked stanely as he accelerated the car. " She paid for the damage ", Stanely answered me pointing at the envelope.

When we arrived in town Stanely drove to a certain building, there were two security guards Manning the entry. He rolled down the window on his side and greeted them with a smile. It seemed they knew him too well as they greeted him back with respect, he reached his pocket ,came out with 500shillings and gave to the two security guards. They were very happy. They removed the barrier and Stanely drove inside down to the basement and parked the car at the basement. "I normally pack my car here then walk to the office", Stanely told me when he put off the engine staring at my breasts," Stop looking like that dear am feeling shy", I told him jokingly. He laughed and pulled me gentle and came closer to me, he wanted to kiss me, I didn't not resist.He kissed me with passion until I felt my body getting hot. Then he paused looked at me for a moment smiling, "come let's go", he told me. We got out of the car as I followed him. " This way please "he told me as he pointed remote key to the car to lock it.He pressed some digits on the wall, then some magic happened, a door opened, he entered in certain room and I followed him. After a few minutes the door opened again and he got out, I followed him.

" "Wait here am coming", he told me as soon we got out. Later he came with a key and signaled me to follow him. We went to a certain room along the corridor he opened the room and we both entered as he closed the door behind him.It was a guest house. It was well furnished with a big bed,a table,a big screen hanging on the wall, a bathroom and a washroom among other things. "My dear what's that small cubicle room we entered"I asked Stanley as I sat on the bed. He just laughed his ass out as he loosened his tie." Grace ,you want to tell me you have never used a lift? ", he asked me still laughing. " Yes I have never used one", I told him as I took the pillow on the bed and hit him with it so hard . "Stop laughing at me now", I told him jokingly. I went near the window and peeped outside and that's when I realized I was no longer at the basement of the building but almost at the top. I thought I was becoming a town dweller little did I knew that I still had the Ushagoo in me.when I turned Stanley had undressed and was totally naked lying flat on his stomach on the bed. "Come on and give me a good massage with your magic hands sweetheart", Stanley told me jokingly.I loved doing it to him a as he used to reward me handsomely.

I removed my clothes too and I was left with a pantie only. I reached for my purse, I always had Olive oil on my purse for reasons known better by me. I applied on Stanley back as I started doing my magic, I would tease him playfully on his ampits and also at the neck, it was like a game. He was enjoying as he moaned due to pleasure. " Please turn and face up",I told him as I tried to turn him but he was too heavy for me, he turned lied on his back. I caressed and massaged his nipples dropping down the to the his Dinddong. I gently massaged his d*ck while stroking it, I saw him close his eyes as his d*ck got harder and harder, I started sucking his ding dong as I teased his balls, he started moaning while breathing so hard and I knew he was really enjoying my services.

Me too I became horny as my honey pot became wetter, my clitoris itched and my pu**y started pulsating. Suddenly and without caution Stanley turned and gently dropped me on the bed, he came over me ready to mount on me and without warning he penetrated me so deep that I felt his mighty erect penis like if it was drilling my pu**y tearing it apart, my honeypot was well lubricated and I enjoyed the rhythm, he thrusted and pumped me as he choked me grounding my body on the bed.I screamed as he moaned due to sweetness, "do it harder beb, destroy that pu**y beb it's all yours", I found my self telling him. Since Stanley started using Viagra on me his performance in bed kind of improved.. His d*ck was harder and stronger. He would swallow a tablet when he knew we would have sex.

I enjoyed the f**k until I could not hold it any longer I exploded like a volcano as my magma flowed out if my vagina like the solai water with a a lot pressure.. Unfortunately Stanley was not done yet, he wasn't Cumming, he held me tight and pumped me like for five more minutes when I saw him open his mouth and eyes wide open as his body trembled and ejaculated deep inside my pot before dropping beside me breathing so hard like mchina caterpillar digging the road, smiles all over his face. I felt nice as I my body cooled down I wished he could do another round but he was worn out, he just started snoring after a few minutes.

Later when Stanley regained his strength, we went and showered together and got dressed, then we got out of the guest room, Stanley went and signed out,we used the lift again to go down to the basement where we had parked.Stanley helped me to take out my bag, then he reached his briefcase and opened it... He looked at me then into the briefcase then at me again... What he told me made feel...

Episode 20

"Grace you have been so nice to me and today I feel like rewarding you", Stanley told me smiling. I could see that he meant it from how he said it. He reached for an even lope in the briefcase and handed it to me. " This 20000 shillings keep it well in your bag it's my token of appreciation ", Stanley told me as he handed then envelope to me. I pulled him closer to me and gave him a warm hug followed by a slight chin kiss. I was so happy~who hates money~.He looked at me for moment and smiled,"Grace you become beautiful by day", he told me as he took my bag,I felt flattered and proud of myself. We went out of the building through the stairs, I followed Stanley."That one there is called Hilton Hotel, that stage there is called kencon, that's the ambassador hotel, over there we have the Afya center ,then this road is called Moi Avenue", Stanley told me as we stood outside a certain building called Kenya Archives.

I had not toured Nairobi Town on my own and I could hardly tell the direction. "Now we are going to do some shopping at the Nakumatt Mall then I will let go", Stanley told me as he held my hand. We crossed the Moi avenue then I followed him to Nakumatt mall. " Do some shopping, take whatever you think your Mum or your siblings may need", Stanley told me as he pushed the trolley for me. After the shopping he went and paid for the shopping. "Sir do you have a car outside I help you to load?", a certain young gentleman asked Stanley smiling. " Sure, come with me", Stanley answered him.He lifted the shopping as we followed Stanley, We went outside the supermarket. Stanley signalled a taxi guy to come. "What's your name? ", he asked him." Am Karanja",the taxi guy answered him. "Ok karanja ,I want you to take this young Lady to Ndakaini,Do you know the place? and if yes how much is it from here?", Stanley asked him. " Yes sir I know the place too well as matter of fact I come from around that place, it will be just 5000shillings sir", Karanja told Stanley as he gave me a glance.Stanely reached his pocket removed some cash,counted and handed it to karanja as he put back the remaining in his pocket."ok gentleman, load that shopping in his car", stanely told the supermarket guy.

Karanja opened the boot for him as he took my bag from Stanley and loaded it too in boot. "Have a safe journey and greet those people", Stanley told me smiling as I assumed the front seat putting on the safety Belt. I felt like kissing him but I controlled my self, he had already done too much for me that I felt like If owed him. " Thanks, I will tell you nikifika", I told him casually as I waved him as karanja reversed the car and drove off. There was no traffic and within a few minutes we were on thika road. I could catch karanja staring at me time to time but he had said nothing to me so far.It was such a nice experience being driven by taxi all the way to the village.i knew sisters and my bro would be very happy to see a car in their compound,a thing that had never happened before."So what's your name mrembo? ", Karanja finally asked me as he accelerated the car along the thika superhighway... " Grace", I answered him without much details. "Is that your man your dad or uncle", he asked me curiously. " Why do you want to know? ", I asked him. He smiled. I noticed his white teeth which complimented his smile. " He is my uncle", I lied to him. "Then you have a great uncle", karanja told me still smiling."Is this your car or you are employed", I asked him.

" This is my second car, I also have another one which I have employed another driver", he answered me politely but with a proud tone. "You such a beautiful lady, are you in campus or something? ", he asked me. " Yes am in campus ", I lied to him ."ok Ooh that's great! He seemed to believe me as my body had already grown and looked like that of a young woman. We talked so many things on the way as I found that karanja was very talkative person.I also don't know why we interacted that fast considering I was not that talkative. Infact he made the journey look short as he gave me stories on the way making me laugh sometimes. He was also very funny.karanja was middle aged man and he seemed to have so much experience in life as he gave me different experiences that he had went through. I called my mum and told her am on the way, she was very happy to hear that. "Am waiting for you, I won't even go anywhere", my mum told me as I hanged up the call. " Why can't you call your dad instead of calling your mum", Karanja asked me jokingly, "I don't have a dad my mum is single", I told him." It's also fine",he told me.By the time we were nearly home I already knew too much about karanja, his wife and children. He told me he had 3kids and the first born was in form one.His wife was a teacher. Finally we arrived home at around 3pm.."is this your home", Karanja asked me as he packed the car in the compound, "Yes this is our sweet home ", I answered him smiling. I was happy as the compound looked beautiful with trimmed flowers all around,My mum had also painted our house with the money I used to send her for renovations,it looked new.But when I turned to looked at Karanja i realised his his face had changed and was kind of tensed, filled with anxiety, I wondered why the sudden change....

Episode 21

My mum came running towards me and hugged me tight. She was very happy to see me. Suddenly my mum withdrew the hug and stared at Karanja like she has seen a ghost, " Karanja what are you doing in my compound ", my mum asked karanja in a harsh tone. Karanja became dump and just stared at my mother without saying a word. " Get out of my compound now", my mum barked at him. "Hey mum what's happening?, do you people know each other?", I asked not knowing who exactly was to answer me. Karanja opened the boot and removed the shopping and my bag without saying a word as my mum gave him a dangerous look, she looked like a lioness lady to attack. Karanja then reversed the vehicle and drove away with a sad look all over his face. " Mum what's the meaning of this ?eeh I need an explanation, why would you treat my taxi driver so cruel? ", I asked my mum with anger, but instead she smiled at me. " Let's go inside and talk", she told me politely putting me at ease. She tried to lift the shopping but it was very heavy for her. We had to lift it together to the house.

Then I came and took my bag in. "Let me get you something to eat my daughter I know you must be very hungry", my mum told as she headed in the kitchen. " No mum am not eating anything until you explain the meaning of the drama that have just happened outside", I told her. She turned and came back to the living room, she sat opposite to me and looked at me, she clear her throat, "Do you really want to know? ", she asked me. " Yes I want to know why treat my taxi man like that, you have just embarrassed me", I fumed. My mum looked at me, I saw her give me a full glance then settled at my chest. "My daughter let me tell you the truth now that you are of age and mature", my mum told me and paused, then she continued, " That man who you call a taxi man is your real father", my mum told me ,her face filled with emotions. "His name is Karanja, I remember him like yesterday, he was my boyfriend when I was 19 years old.

When I told him I was pregnant for him, he refused to take the responsibility and dumped me accusing me that I had another boyfriend. 9 months later you were born and I decided to raise you on my own, Now you know why I was mad at him", Mum told me faking a smile. That thing made me feel like if I met Karanja again I would slap him so hard on his face. Anyway that was no longer a bother to me I was a grown up now. My mum went to the kitchen and came with rice and some meat stew and served me. We ate as we talked many different things. My siblings had not arrived from school. I was missing them, and wished they were home. I knew they would be very happy to find me home. "My daughter you have really grown to be a beautiful girl" My mum told as i helped her clean the utensils. I could see my mum staring at my hips and my chest. "What is it mum,stop looking me like that you are making me feel shy", I told her after noticing how she was looking at me. " She smiled. "I used to looked exactly like you when I was young", she told me, i felt flattered.Then she looked sad all over a sudden, " But make sure you don't make a mistake like the one I did, I know many men will want to take advantage you, just to use and dump you,but be wise my daughter", she told me. That made my heart skip knowing how I was giving myself to Stanley and the all the glory i had was as result of having sex with Stanley. "Mum I promise to take good care of myself, I will always be a good girl", I told her smiling to assure her.

Later my sisters and my bro were home, they were very happy to see me, they followed me wherever I went, I felt like a queen as they praised my looks and transformation. I gave them gifts, including clothes that I had bought for them.

My stay at home was awesome,I visited my aunties, uncles and my shosh and they were all happy to see me. Mum took me to the civil registration office and I registered for a ID.The days moved fast than I thought and finally the day to go back to 'work' came, it was on a Tuesday. This time I was to travel by a matatu. My mum gave me a push to the stage as my sisters and bro were at school.I gave my mum the money that Stanley had given me, I had not used even a coin. She was very happy. He hugged me tight. "May God continue blessing you my daughter", mum told me as I boarded a matatu to Nairobi. I knew the way to Stanley's home and by 3pm I was at the gate, Simon was happy to see me, he almost hugged me but I discouraged him, I noticed the Stanley car in the compound. " Is baba Jade in", I asked Simon. "Yes, he came with his cousin in the afternoon", Simon told me. " And what about Monica? ", I asked him, " Madam went to Mombasa for a 3day women seminar ", Simon told me as he stared at my breasts, I could see him admiring them from the corner of his eyes.I looked at him, he was now more handsome and admirable, " Monica must be really enjoying this nigga", I thought to myself. He looked strong.I went to the house to put my bags, there was no one in the living room.. I wondered if simon was playing with my mind when he told Stanley was with his cousin in the house.. I went direct to my bedroom. When i pushed my bedroom door open i didn't believe what I seeing!!!!

Episode 22

Stanley was busy fucking a certain lady and they were all naked on my bed. I could not believe it, it was like a dream, the session was very steamy with lady making screams as Stanley moaned,there was a packet of Viagra on the floor. They didn't even realize my presence as they continued doing their thing. I got mad, I felt like attacking them but I just remembered it would cost me my Job.I wasn't ready to go back to the village. I went back to the living room, switched on the TV but I couldn't see anything worth to watch. I went to the kitchen and I kept myself busy there preparing some Uji. "What kind of a fucking home is this!!! " This family needs prayers or else everybody would perish!", I thought to myself.The thought of contracting HIV crossed my mind. I decided not to f**k Stanley again and be contented with my damn salary.

"Grace, were you supposed to come back today or tomorrow "Stanley asked me when he found me in the kitchen, " I was supposed to come today", I answered him. Ooh I thought you were coming tomorrow and I even invited my cousin to come over and take care of the children for today as mama Jade went Mombasa for a seminar", Stanley told me faking a smile. "To take care of children or to take of you Stanley", I asked him looking at him but politely. I tried as much as possible to control and compose myself. " What did you just say!", Stanley asked me his eyes opening wide like those of a watch repairer, but before I could answer the lady he fucking interrupted with smiles all over her face. "Ooh Stanoo is this the botch that you were telling me about", she asked Stanley placing her hands on his shoulders. That statement choked me!!" Yes this is the Lady that takes care of our children and our house in our absence ", Stanley answered her trying to sound polite and respectful. " Now with her presence I think your work is over ", Stanley added looking at his "Cousin". They smiled to each other. I didn't mind them I continued doing what I did best! " Let me drop you, I also want to catch up something in town", Stanley told his 'cousin'. They moved out playfully speaking funny funny English that I didn't understand.

Later the children came from school and they were very happy to find me home. Sharon came and jumped on me and hugged me, "untie grace I really missed you", she told me as I lifted her in the air. Favour and Jade came over and hugged me too. " Guys go change then come I serve you uji", I told them. I could see Jade admiring me, and I could tell the boy had really missed me. I looked at him as he went to his bedroom and noticed he was becoming taller, he had just two weeks to do his K.C.P.E. After they changed they came to the dining table as I served them uji. "Untie Grace didn't you find our auntie here when you came? Dad had said he would bring untie Vero to take of us until you arrive", Favour asked me. " Ooh yeah I found her when I came, how are you related with Auntie Vero? ", I asked looking at Jade. Jade scratched his head as he tried to explain to me,"her mother and my father's father were step sisters and brother", Jade tried to explain. " It's ok I get it, they left as soon I arrived ", I told Favour as i stood to go the kitchen to prepare supper. " "Auntie Grace can i come and help you in the kitchen", Favour requested me as she helped me clear the dining table. She loved cooking but their mother never wanted them in the kitchen saying they might get burned. "Sure ,come with me ", I told her. I need company after all. Jade and sharon settled at the living room watching TV.

I was amazed by how Favour was good at knowing the recipe and the procedure of mixing them. She helped me prepare tomato and onions for the stew. We cooked and later settled again in the dinning room for supper. Stanley had not arrived, so we ate the dinner, Favour and Sharon started getting dizzy, I told them to go and sleep. I later followed them to confirm they were ok. Jade however didn't seem in a hurry to go to sleep instead he was enjoying a movie in the living room, Baba Jade was not yet home it was around 2200hrs.I went to the kitchen and did my usual washing and when I finished I made some coffee and joined jade on the sitting room and we enjoyed a movie together. Jade didn't seem to be bothered by my presence, he did not touch me either. He was just enjoying his movies as some guys kicked each other so hard in the movie. But I was feeling horny and I thought of seducing, but before I could start teasing him someone knocked on the door, I was sure it was baba Jade but when I peeped it wasn't him...

Episode 23

Simon, what do you want at this time? I asked him when I opened the door. He stared at me without saying a thing, he was literally gazing at my breasts when I gave him a big slap ."Talk or I shut this door Simon!",I shouted at him."Baba Jade just called and told me to lock the gate he won't be coming",simon finally told me."is that what was hard for you to tell me ",I asked him .He smiled as he cleared the throat. It seemed like he really wanted to tell me something ." Grace I have always admired you so much,infact I love you with all my heart", Simon suddenly told to my surprise. I never expected that from him as I knew he used to screw Monica." Where is this nonsense heading to",I asked him."Now that bosses aren't around ,why can't you come and warm my bed tonight grace ",Simon whispered to me smiling as he winkled at me." Simon are you mad you want to sleep with me?do you think am prostitute or something ,Nonsense!! ",I asked Simon fuming.I pushed him out of the door and banged the door shut.I leaned on the door and for the first time I started hating men.I remembered my mums words" Don't repeat the mistake I did when I was at your age,every man will want to take advantage of you but be wise",my mums word echoed in my mind.

I knew too well Simon was fucking Monica and he wanted to f**k me too,what a f**k!!! .It could not happen.I was also mad with Stanley bringing a woman and fucking him on my bed.Stanely had assured me that, he only fucked me and Monica,and that he had no other mpango wa kando.Now it was clear to me he had a chain of concubines me being one of them.Stanley had never slept outside since I started working for them unless he wasn't around.Am sure he was busy licking some clit wherever he was."Am not going to play naive a gain ",I thought to myself.

"Hey grace, are you okay" ,Jade asked me.He had came looking for me when I overstayed. He found me leaning on the door"Yes am OK,it was Simon, he said your Father called him.He won't be coming ",I told Jade."My dad won't be coming?", Jade asked me a again like he didn't hear me properly." Help me with your phone I need to call him",Jade told me ."Go and pick it on my bed ",I told him.

I went to the living room and switched off the TV and the lights.I headed to my bedroom I needed to rest."Grace you don't have airtime", Jade told me immediately I entered the bedroom.I took the phone and bought some airtime via mpesa.He called his dad but he didn't answer.He tried again but it went unanswered. Then he called his mum,Monica received almost immediately."Hello Mum, when are you coming back?", it was the first question he asked his mother.They talked son to mother talk as she inquired about almost everybody. Jade however to my surprise he didn't mention that his father wasn't in the house." Mum wants to speak to you ",Jade told me suddenly handing over the phone to me. "Hello Grace how are you doing and how everybody doing ",Monica greeted me." Am fine ma'am, and everybody is fine,Favour and Sharon are asleep", I answered her politely."OK then take good care of my kids I will be back tomorrow evening ,have a good night",she told me "Goodnight too ma'am", I told her before she hanged up."Jade was seated beside me as I talked to his mother." Go and sleep ,I also want to sleep am tired",I told Jade.

He looked at me like if he wanted to tell me something."why are looking me like that? I said go and sleep",I told him looking a little bit serious but that didn't move him an inch."why can't we use this opportunity properly? ",Jade whispered to my ears.", which opportunity?", I asked him." Now that mum and dad are not there let's go and sleep in my bedroom as we enjoy ourselves",Jade told me all smiles."I told you i will never give you my honeypot again",I barked at jade."Yes you said so Grace but I feel horny just give one more time and never give me a gain ",he pleaded.That statement made me laugh.He laughed too.I decide to play him," OK go to your room am coming immediately ",I told jade who stood up quickly by the mention of am' coming'. He left to his room may be to undress before I arrive.I wanted him to leave so that i can close the door and sleep.immediately he left,i stoop up and closed the door,I worn my night dress and disappeared into my blankets.When I covered my self with the blankets ,I came up with a idea...

Episode 24

I was not ready to die for HIV and AIDS, neither was i ready to die poor,I needed to think and act fast before it was too late.I felt that Stanley would soon get bored with me and start pursuing some other new catches,writings were on the wall and I was on the losing side.No way I was going to sit and just let it happen.I decided to play smart . ********************

"Good morning grace",Stanley greeted me the following morning when he came back." Am fine sir",I responded to him politely. I was busy cleaning house ."I was held in a meeting that ended up at 2am,I could not drive home at that time I decided to sleep in guest room in town",Stanley tried to explain to why he slept outside.But that was non of my business,Neither was i his wife,nor did i ask him ,after all I knew they were all lies."it all right sir ,you are welcome, " I told him.He went and refreshed and came back to the dining room.I served him tea and some ndumas .I sat beside him seductively with a fake smile on my face.I needed his attention.

"My dear,I have a problem and I need some money urgently", I told him as he munched a nduma using a folk." Come on go ahead and tell am all ears,also your problem is my problem don't you remember I promised to love you always'',he told me looking me in the eyes."There is a brother to my mum who wants to grab our only land claiming that my mum wasn't supposed to inherit my grandfathers land.Now he has gone to the court and am worried because my mum don't have money to hire a lawyer,we might be Left landless if he succeeds",I lied.Stanley seemed to sympathize with me as I narrated the issue to him.I knew he would help from his facial expressions."How much do you need for a lawyer",he asked me."My mother told me the cheapest lawyer was asking 75,000shillings",I answered him."Consider it done",he told me smiling, I faked a smile too,I moved closer to him and caressed his shoulders, I gave him a light kiss on his chin as a sign of appreciation. "Thanks Stanley you such a Darling", I whispered to his ears.He smiled looked at me and hugged me tight." "Don't you feel like having me today", I teased him seductively as I caressed his back.I knew he couldn't rise to the occasion having slept with another bitch the whole night." No dear am tired let's postpone this another day,am also late ,I got a staff meeting today at 11am.",He told me as he stood to go."Its okey my dear have a nice day",I told him smiling.

He went into his bedroom and came with an envelope," that's a100000 shillings send it to your mum so that she doesn't become landless",Stanley told told as he gave me money."Thank you so much dear ", I told him as I hugged him tight I even gave him passionate French kiss." It seems this guy has safe in his bedroom,where had he kept all this money",I thought to my self as I counted the money it was exactly a 100000shilllings.I went and put it on my bag.I took the dirty clothes and started doing washing, I was very surprised to get 2packets of Viagra in Stanley's Jacket.I wished I saw 2packets of condoms.After the washing I refreshed and later I went to see my neighbors maid,Alice. ~hope you remember her.She used to f**k her Boss too.

"Alice ,I need a camera,and a good camera for that matter,do you know some who can get me one?", I asked Alice after talking alot muchene." A camera?,what do you need a camera for this days?I mean you got a smartphone you can take a photos or even a video with it,"Alice asked me.she looked puzzled and curious as to why I need a camera."Don't worry yourself may be I want to start a business ",I told her smiling." Okie, I got a friend in town who sells electronics ,as matter of fact he does even home deliveries within Nairobi,"Alice finally told after seeing how serious I was."Call him now an order a good camera for me",I told her.She called the guy by the name Tosh.Tosh said he had nice latest camera that was going for 55,000shillngs .Alice told him to deliver it the following day."When he comes just give me a call,""I told alice.


Monica drove in the compound at 4pm ,I peeped through the kitchen window as she parked her car at the parking lot.She came out of the vehicle ,she was wearing black sun glasses, she looked like a domestic tourist with a miniskirt,a pink top and some high heels.She leaned on her car as she passed her eyes through the compound as if looking if someone was seeing her.Suddenly Simon came to where she was after closing the gate,I could not believe when they hugged each so tight.,though simon was a little bit reluctant, Monica hugged him like he was her hubby and then quickly gave him quick French kiss,I wished I had the Camera with me...

Episode 25

"Hello Grace,your guy is here", Alice called me the following day at around 11:30am." Its alright am coming right away",I answered her.I was sweeping in the compound .Monica was indoor perhaps sleeping after a long trip from the coast.I tiptoed to my bedroom,I removed the money Stanley gave me from the bag and counted 60,000shillings,then placed back the rest in the bag.I went out to meet Alice and Tosh."Hello guys",I greeted them .They seemed to know each as they talked playfully, while cracking jokes and laughing. "Hey grace meet Tosh,Tosh meet grace", Alice introduced us as we shook hands." She is the one who needed a camera",Alice told Tosh pointing at me.Tosh looked at me,then handed me the cargo,it was Canon EOS 200D camera brand new in its box."Lets go over there you show me how to operate it",I told Tosh pointing at a cafe across the road.We sat on a shade outside as Tosh unboxed the camera and showed me how to operate it.I was amused by how he did it with ease because as for me I had not seen such a camera in my lifetime. After I was satisfied ,I gave Tosh the money,I also gave Alice 1000shillings for doing a deal for me.'Let's have some drinks before you go ",Alice told Tosh.He agreed.But for me I had to go as I knew Monica would start looking for when she realises am not in the compound." Hey what's that ?",Simon asked when I entered the compound. "Pads ", I answered him as I passed the gate.

The camera was inside a paper bag so he couldn't know what was inside.Coincidentally I met with Monica at the door, may be he was going to see his playboy." Good morning grace,hey what's that you are carrying? ",she asked me." Pads",I lied."ooh its OK,and this place looks tidy,keep up the good work ",Monica told me smiling." "Thanks ma'am " I muttered as i went into my bedroom.I then came back to kitchen to prepare lunch,I peeped through kitchen window and saw Monica conversing with simon as if they were talking something very serious. When the lunch was ready I went outside and found them still conversing but when they saw me they kind of withdrew,"sorry to interrupt ma'am but the lunch is ready", I told Monica."Join us for lunch Simon,today we will eat together",Monica told simon as she signalled him in.It wasn't usual as simon never ate with us together since I started working for Monica.That showed how much their love had grown.

I decided to use that opportunity well to plant a camera somewhere that it could view the whole room activities.I tried view from different points and I settled at top of the wardrobed. I strategically set the camera into video option and placed it over the wardrobe. it started recording.I ensured the camera was invisible so that nobody would realise it easily.I needed to record a sex escapade between Monica an Simon..I knew the day won't end before they f**k.I then walked out and joined them at dining table looking hollier than thou and very Innocent. "Grace,finish up eating, I want to send you to the supermarket", Monica suddenly told me.I was very happy I knew my trap was ready for a catch,I knew for sure he wanted to send me so that she could enjoy Simons d*ck!. After lunch I cleared the table as Simon went back to his quarter may be to do some exercises as he looked forward for a f**k .Monica gave me a shopping list and the money,I got prepared and I was good to go.


I wasn't in hurry to come back, i needed to give the Love birds time to suck each other properly. How i wished my camera doing a good job for me.I came back at 6pm.I found Simon seated outside his quarter ,it seemed like he had just come from the shower as he had changed his clothes.He just smiled when he saw me,he seemed may be after sucking the honeypot.I went direct to the house and found Monica preparing supper in the kitchen.Children were already back from school.To my surprise Monica didn't even ask me why I came late.I put the shopping at their place,then I went to help Monica in the kitchen." Ouch Ma'am I have a headache let me go send simon Some panadol before the chemist closes",I lied.I needed to go and get my camera.I went out and found Simon at the gate,"Get me some panadols across the road I have a severe headache",I told Simon as i held my pretending to be in real pain.Without a second thought the boy child took the money and run out heading to the chemist just across the road.

I entered to his room took the camera and saved the recording,then tiptoed to my bedroom window and dropped it on my bed then I came through the door straight to my bedroom and hid the camera in my bag.Later Simon knocked the door, I went and took the Panadols,I put them them in my bag. I was feeling curious to see what the camera had recorded for me, "Ma'am I need to relax in bed for a while this head ache is too much", I lied pretending to be in total pain." "Have you taken the panadols," Monica asked me sympathizing with me."Yes but it's proofing stubborn",I answered her."its OK you can go and rest ,I will help with your evening duties",Monica told me.The children were at the living watching watching Churchill show. I went direct to my bedroom took the camera then disappeared into the blankets, I switched on my eyes all wide open..

Episode 26

Ilikuwa nikama drama ,nikaa video thing~it was like a drama or a video.Simon entered his room and he started undressing, he removed his shirt and trouser and he was left with just a vest and a Short,he danced a little as he admired his already erect machine.I could tell he was waiting Monica with anticipation. He jumped on the bed and made some jogging before dropping on the bed and doing some aerobics. "People do nasty things when they are alone in a room", I told myself as I enjoyed the drama.He then dropped on the bed to get some rest,as breathed heavily, it is while relaxing like that Monica pushed the door and entered in the room."Surprise!",Monica teased Simon as she raised her dress up and revealed to Simon her pink pantie.Simon smiled like he had just won a sportspesa mega jackpot opening his mouth and eyes wide open.He just stared at Monica who stood before him as she started to undress making some romantic moves.Monica was wearing a T-shirt and a black mini skirt.She removed her T shirt then reached for her bra,unhooked it from her shoulders ,rotated it infront and unhooked it dropping them down on the floor seductively. She reached for her skirt zip and pulled it down,loosening her miniskirt at the waist which made it slither down her thighs as Simon salivated with lust.She was left with just a pink pantie when she got closer to Simon who was lying on the bed helplessly, she bent gently and gave him a passionate French kiss that left Simon licking his lips as Monica reached for his short and loosed its button unzipping it as she pulled it down all the way to the toes dropping it on the floor. Simon had no boxer,I couldn't believe what I was seeing....Simon's cork was twice Stanley's dingdong in length ,the thickness was almost equal to that of Stanley's but Simon's d*ck looked mightier.Monica got on top of the bed and started riding Simon's cork,carresing it gentle,stroking it up and down as the nigga breathed hard,producing some moaning sounds that I hard not hard before.Monica lowered her mouth and licked it with her tounge gently before swallowing the d*ck halfway.I could not believe this was my boss lady doing all this.

She continued enjoying the d*ck as she gently caressed Simon's crotch,the boy child could not help but moan,I could tell he was really enjoying the rythym.The d*ck became hard erect such that I could literally see its veins bulging outside crossing each other as they supplied blood in each and every conner of the penis. After like 15minutes of pleasure it was Simons turn to return a sweet revenge,he pulled Monica upward with his legs and kissed her lips before turning her gently and they swapped the positions,He kissed Monica lips gently as he carressed her already erect nipples.He paused as he removed his vest,then gently pulled out Monica's already wet pantie throwing it away.I loved Simon's biceps and his broad chest full of meet,since he stopped drinking alcohol and started doing some workouts he had transformed to become some sort of a bouncer.

He continued enjoying Monica lips as he caressed her breasts, teasing her nipples with his fingers,it was Monica turn to give out some screams,this bitch was really enjoying Simons magic hands.The boy child dropped down there and started doing the Real men tradition, he settled at her clit and magically rolled his tongue on the clit as she fingered her honeypot with his middle right hand finger,the girl was really enjoying as she made some oohs and aahs sounds due to pleasure. "f**k me now please simon ,penetrate me deep inside ,destroy that pu**y beb its all your swry", the girl child begged.Who was simon to defy her boss lady orders.Monica opened his thighs wide open ready to receive her request as simon gently pushed himself inside the well ready to quench the thirst that their fundamentals were experiencing,he penetrated her deep inside and to my surprise almost a quarter of the d*ck remained outside,Simon was surely blessed with a good machine.

He started pumping her like crazy as Monica cried like a small baby,she was not on this world but somewhere in cloud 9 speaking in tongues with residents there.Simon moans were like that of a lion who have just realized an intruder.They fucked relentlessly as Simon pumped the boss lady with vigor,I even got horny myself when I saw Simon's d*ck slither in and out of Monica honeypot and I felt jealous for her." I think I will need to ride this thing too",a thought crossed my mind.The boy child withdrew his Dingdong and signaled her boss to make some turn,Monica turned and lied with his stomach, simon pushed his d*ck in and entered her from behind ,Monica screamed and Simon moaned as he at times ,slapped Monica's butt gently with his hands making her scream even more as he screwed her from behind.Suddenly Monica made one last scream dropping on the bed helplessly like if she just fainted,the boy child too opened his eyes as he trembled and ejaculated deep inside Monica's thing.He dropped beside her and you could think both of them were dead,I just smiled and kissed my camera,soon I was going to make some bucks

Episode 27

After two weeks...
Monica's leave is over and she resumes back to work .Jade is doing his KCPE. Its on a Tuesday Morning, the school was going normal as usual,Jade and her sisters goes to school.Monica too prepares herself and reports back to work.Stanley is still sleeping.The day is very promising and the outside is full light coming from the sun that is rising from the East.Am busy mopping the house.

Suddenly someone slaps my buttock from behind.Its Stanley ."Hey Darling, how was your night"I greet him seductively in a manner suggesting... I give him a tight hug followed by a sweet French kiss,His d*ck erects immediately my breasts press his chest ,I can see he wants to f**k me badly and I want him too for my own reasons.He caresses my butt with his hands in that standing position. I fake a sweet feeling ,I smile and rests my head on his chest.He seems to enjoy the feeling..but deep inside me I hate him,I feel like vomiting, I feel the urge to punish him,Yes I know am not his wife,I also know its not his problem but the Viagras he is taking,his libido is becoming too much,sleeping with every Bitch he comes across, this dude will finish us,he will finish his wife,he will finish his son ,this family needs redemption before its too late. I pull him with my hands and she follows me like the way the dog follows it owner to my bedrooms. I undress him as he undresses me,in a flash we are both naked,kissing and caressing is the business at the moment.Its the last time this nigga is fucking me.I wish he knows that,he would choke me to death.

I push him to the bed and he drops like helpless lamb ready to be slaughtered. I caress his d*ck as he moans like an idiot, it looks red hot erect with veins bulging out side,He turns me ,licks my nipple,eats my lips ,rolls his tongue on my clit ,I make screams not for pleasure but for bitterness. My mums words echo in medulla"Men will take advantage of you to just use and dump",..ooh my God.Its like my mum was a overseer.

I look at Stanley eyes deep inside ,he looks like a monster ready to attack.His Dingdong facing me like a calobosta ready to fire and destroy an alshabaab camp.My body shakes and trebles ,he thinks its due to pleasure but no ,I fear this monster,the fear of contracting a virus ,a Virus that may turn my life into a misery,but I have to do this atleast for my own gain,I pray and assume he is still is all about risks and you also learn from the experiences.Stanley pushes himself inside me without caution and penetrates me ,am not well lubricated though ,its a little bit painful but I just smile and let him do his business, he pumps me like a bull servicing a cow,he seems to enjoy the rythmn ,I scream to make him feel like a king ,he increases the vigor.

He pumps and pumps and pumps me ,thrusting in and out moaning like a charging lion.This demon is not ejaculating ,whats wrong with him today but I know a trick,a trick to make him cum faster,I raise my hips and make some round movement's as he pumps me..two minutes down the line the boy child is Cumming,His body shaking and trembling, he raises his eyebrows and his mouth opens wide,"ooh shit, beb am cuming",he shouts like a mad person. He chokes me pressing my body so hard on the bed,He ejaculates deep inside as he drops beside me breathless."ooh f**k that was sweet",he mutters before a nap catches him and he sleeps a little. I turn my eyes around and I just wish my camera has recorded something nice.I may not have education but God blessed me with brains .Am becoming smart ,my life is just about to take a turn,a turn that I don't really know what it will bear but am ready for it....

I leave him on bed and refreshes myself in the bathroom,When am done my boss is steal snoring, Sleeping like a baby who have just been breastfed by the mother.I shake him,'Beb you will be late for work", I tell him.He wakes up and yawns as he stretches his body ,He picks his clothes and disappears to their bedroom.I reach for my camera puts a pause and saves the fucking video,I put it on my bag and leave to the dining room. A few minutes later he is on the dining room I serve him tea and mkate ,I serve myself too and sit beside him as we sip tea from our cups.Our eyes met and we both smile,"Grace you rock",Stanely tells me smiling winking at me."what about Monica your wife",I ask him.Atleast I need to know how he thinks of her."she is no sweeter than yo, infact she is no longer in mood of sex,she complains tired everytime I make a move",Stanley tells me looking sad.But I no longer believe men anymore,They will say anything when you are together so that they can have your sympathy. What he doesn't know is that his gateman has been drinking in his well that's why the levels of water has gone down."Thanks Stanley for the money you gave me,the lawyer has already the case",I tell him trying to change the topic,I don't like it anyway,his face brightens up."anything for you gal ",he says as he stands to leave..I hug him and wishes him a good day.I peep through the window as he reverses his car and drives away.." I will need some money soon",I talk to myself as I watch Simon close the gate. I head to the bedroom to watch an afrosinema that I have just recorded...

Episode 28

I pushed the door quickly and entered my bedroom. I removed the camera Immediately from my bag where I had put it,curiosity was killing this girl child. I was very happy to watch a home Porn Video between me and Stanley.The naivity in me was now long gone,I was feeling a woman.A smart woman for that matter.I needed to change my life and change it for good.I needed a transformation,I felt the urge to make more money and live big like other independent women out there and make a fortune,but the means to reach my goals was not going to be the usual way,after all means was not important but the End result mattered to me most . I decided to become arrogant and stubborn to both Stanley and Monica. I was not going to give my honeypot to Stanley again!Nobody was going to take me for granted just because I was a maid.I was going to stay firm and with principles. I went to the bathroom and looked myself to the mirror, i felt very proud of myself,"am going to use what I got to get what I don't have",I told myself.


It was on Thursday noon when Jade came home from school. He was very happy,having completed his KCPE exams.He came directly to me and hugged me tight ,"at last Grace am done with primary school,am so happy",he told me as he kissed my chin."Congratulations my dear", I told him smiling as I withdrew the from the hug.I was surprised to see his Dingdong was already erect pushing his school short outward.I laughed like mad person ,"Jade what's wrong with you",I asked him pointing as his d*ck.He smiled shyly turning to leave holding his machine with both hands.I knew he always admired me and sometimes I would catch him off guard staring me lustfully. But I had decided to deny him sex.No way I was going to sleep with dad and son at the same time in the same house.I always felt bad when it happened. But Stanley had turned to be greedy,laiding every woman he came across.I was there not ready to die young due HIV.

I looked at jade as he left he was becoming a handsome young man,I noticed he had become relatively tall and his shoulders were becoming broad.I admired him being the one who broke the virginity of my honeypot, I somehow liked and respected the young man.

Later she came over to dining table and I served him lunch."Grace you have been good to us,especially me,I will surely miss you when I go to high school",Jade told as he ate his food."Thanks but I will not stay here forever, I need also to better myself and do something else better with my life",I answered him."Do you have a plan of leaving us soon?",he asked me looking me directly in the eyes."Yes ,I won't stay long may be by mid next year I will be gone",I told him,he looked sad and his face changed."By the way Jade am so sorry for teaching you bad manners",I told him smiling,he looked at me attentively. "Mad manners?", he asked me like if wanting more clarification about what I meant with bad manners." Yes, having sex with you was wrong,reason being am older than you with 3 good years, second, your are in school and you should not engage in sex activities,you should concentrate with education first then other things will follow later",I told him politely as he listened keenly. After I was done,he laughed uncontrollably until he got chocked with food."Grace you have now become a counselor eeh,sex is meant for pleasure,and I always feel good when am having it,there is no way am going to stop having sex,You would be helping me if you could be telling me to use a condom whenever I have sex but telling me to stop having sex..hahahah..never.",I could not believe the words were coming out of boy child who have just finished his KCPE."OK jade, suit yourself but you will never have my pu**y again,I promise you."Hahahah, Grace!,you think I don't know?",Jade suddenly asked me.If felt chills of fear cross my spine as I wondered what was this Jade knew about me."What do you know",I asked him trying to compose myself."I know you have been having sex with my dad and that's why you no longer want to have sex me with me again",he told me directly not stammering even a word."Does it mean this boy has been spying on me?how and where did he see me having sex with his dad and I have never done it while they are home",I wondered.

"Jade do you want me to tell your dad what you have just said",I told him sounding angry though I knew he was talking the truth." Yes tell him,when he comes but I know its true in fact am going to tell mum today when she arrives from work ,I have done enough homework",Jade told me as he stood to leave from dining table to go to his bedroom ,I followed him.I was not ready for this not at least now,I needed sometime to milk Stanley some money before embarking on my mission ,a mission that would change my life."Jade ,you say I have been sleeping with your dad ,do you have any prove?how can you even say something like that!"I asked him fuming when I entered in his bedroom.He reached his box and opened it,he removed a small camera,here is my evidence, I fixed this camera in your bathroom so that I can be seeing your nakedness as you take shower.Fortunately, the day my dad fucked you in the bathroom it recorded",Jade told me smiling. "If you don't believe me let me show you a this clip", jade told me as he searched and played the video.I could not believe it when I saw Stanley mounting me in a standing position,holding my buttocks as I inter hooked my legs from behind.

Jade paused the video," If you don't want me to share this video with mum,just do me a favour, I need sex and more sex during this holiday ",Jade told me with a lot of pride.I wondered how he even thought of doing such a thing at his age.He was now blackmailing.

" Its OK, I will do as you say Jade,don't bust me to your mum,I will cooperate",I told the boy child who was all smiles as i talked.I stood to leave but Jade held my hand and pulled me close to him,"This favour starts here and now..he pushed me on the bed and came over me...

Episode 29

"No Jade !am on my periods please,let's do this tomorrow when am clean",I tried to my plead with him,though they were just lies.I never wanted to do it.But he could here non of it," I want to f**k you with or without periods I don't care or I tell mum what you have beeb doing with dad",Jade told me firmly. I got angry,I loved jade but now he was proofing difficult and stubborn. He was no longer the boy I knew."ok,do what you want to do then!",I told him almost shouting, I was really pissed off.I was wearing just a dress and a pantie ,I had not worn a bra.

He raised my dress up roughly and pulled my pantie forcefully until he teared it.I felt like I was being raped."Jade please be gently what's all this about",I told him.He pulled his short and boxer together and removed them.His d*ck was already erect.He came closer to me and pushed my thighs wide open,he wanted to penetrate me but my honeypot was not lubricated yet."Please be gently am not wet",I pleaded with him. He spatted some saliva on his palm and applied on his Dingdong and the rest on my vagina lips.I got wet a little as he teased my pu**y lips with the tip of his machine.

When he felt I was wet enough he just pushed himself inside me and penetrated, he seemed starved from the way he was doing it.He fucked me so hard ,pumping in and out with his penis slithering in and out of my pu**y .I was just there gazing at him doing it,I was feeling nothing,infact I was mad at him,"so this boy is trying to blackmail me?",I thought to myself.He started moaning as he thrusted deep inside me .How I wished he finish faster and get off me.He pulled off a little as he turned me such that I slept on my stomach,he penetrated me behind and continued doing his thing so hard until he could hold it any more,he moaned so loud as ejaculated inside me and dropped beside me breathing hard."are you done? ",I asked him." Yes for today ",Jade answered me with pride while smiling.I picked my pantie and went to my bedroom straight to the bathroom and refreshed. I wore another pantie.

While in the bathroom I looked myself on the mirror, I felt both sad and happy.Sad because jade was now blackmailing for sex and happy as I was to do a sweet revenge to his parents.


Two weeks later
It was on a Friday evening,Children were home for the December Holiday. Jade was lucky as he would get time to f**k me in the evenings after his parents and siblings were asleep.He would call me to his bedroom and f**k me if he feels like. But for Stanley ,it was different. Children were always home and he couldn't get a chance to screw me.

I received a text from Stanley this Friday evening~ " He sweetheart, its long since you gave me those goodies,just fake ill and I will offer to take you to the hospital in town then we can have time together tomorrow, I really miss you dear..please.",the message read. After reading I texted him back... "No Stanley, I have realized that I have been very unfair to your wife by sleeping with you and I don't intend to give you my pu**y again.Just forget it". I texted him back.

That message kind of got him mad !!he texted me back~ " Do you know I have powers to sack you and make you go back to village?, just cooperate or i get you fired!",his message read. I breathed hard,I knew I had a back up generator even if the electricity failed me.There is now way I was going to have sex with him again. "Its OK ,if you wish to sack me because of that go ahead and do it,but I won't have sex with you again and am decided", I texted him back and put the phone under the pillow and slept.

Stanley continued threatening me with texts but I couldn't here non of it,I turned down all his requests, he even sent me some 30k in my mpesa just lure me but I remained firm,to my decision.

However Monica could at times sneak to Simon's quarter and have a quickie even with my knowledge. I remembered one day she even risked it when everybody was at him including Stanley. It was on Sunday afternoon, Stanley and Monica and and their children were busy enjoying fun Moments on Citizen TV.Personally I was in the kitchen when Monica excused herself and moved out pretending to answer a call,I peeped through the kitchen window and saw her look left and and right before disappearing in Simon's quarter. I got curious and I tiptoed at the back of simon house and peeped through the window.It's when I saw both of them half naked having sex.Monica was standing holding the wall with her hands as Simon screwed her from behind ,Monica seemed happy and enjoying as she made some low screams as Simon moaned fucking her hard.

Simon then pulled her on the bed and pushed her gently on the bed as he came over her and continued fucking her on missionary position until they climaxed! I enjoyed the 10minutes show until they were done! then I rushed back to kitchen pretending not to have seen anything.

I peeped now from the kitchen's window and saw simon come out first and when he ensured outside was clear he signalled the girl child to come out.Monica came back to the house holding her phone like someone who have been talking on the phone...

That evening after i served the family with dinner,something happened that surprised me and everyone at the dining table...

Episode 30

"Brrrrrrpwe !! Grace! So now you want to kill me eeh", Stanley suddenly said removing a big cockroach from his food." No sir I don't know anything about the cockroach",I tried to plead."shut up! What is the cockroach doing in my food eeh",Stanley barked at me, I became dump.I couldn't say anything. Monica too was burnin with anger,"Ma'am please I can't do something li...",she didn't even let me finish ,She slapped me so had on the face until I literary saw darkness and stars,it was like I was outside at night looking above to the sky.

"Can you check your food if it have cockroaches also", Monica ordered her children. Fortunately, there was no other food with cockroach on it.Monica looked at Stanley who was fuming with anger as she drank some water then she looked at me.

"Stop eating that food,you never know what else she put in it", Monica told the children. " But mum the food is very delicious",Sharon answered mother."Yes may be the cockroach dropped in Dads plate with Untie Grace knowledge",Favour added. But Monica couldn't hear any of that,she took all the foods on the table and poured it in one basin but Jade refused his food to be poured,"I will eat mine if its to die I die",Jade protested."I don't believe Grace can do such a thing",he added.

I was still at the table looking at Stanley, he couldn't look me at the eye for his own reasons.I knew he wanted to me sacked after refusing to have sex with him again,that's why he put a dead cockroach on his food to set me up.

"Get up and clear this table,as I think of what to do with you, idiot!", Monica barked at me. I stood up and cleared the table,I went and poured the food on the dust bin then started doing the washing in the kitchen.Its while in the kitchen when I heard Stanley and Monica conversing, they were still in the dining table, Children had shifted to the sitting room watching the TV. " And Grace has also become very stubborn this days ,I don't know if you noticed about it",Monica told Stanley. "It seems you have fed her too much until she has forgotten she is just a maid in this house", Stanley answered Monica with a serious tone.

" I concur with you,we treat her like our own child until she no longer have respect to us ,see now how could she put a cockroach in your food?,she wants to kill you for me so that I remain a Window? I will sack her before she succeeds ",Monica said fuming. " Infact she should leave tomorrow morning, let her go home we will find another Maid,I can sense she is up to something",Stanley finalised.

Monica followed me to the kitchen, she found me busy wiping plates putting them into their place,she looked me for a minute before telling me what I already knew."Go pack tomorrow you are going home,when we will require your services again we shall call you",Monica told me with a firm tone.It seemed she too had made a decision. I continued wiping the plates like if I had heard nothing."Can you see how you have become rude ,eeh you can't even look at me while am talking to you eeh",Monica started lecturing me.I turned and faced her.Ma'am ,I have been loyal to you since you employed me,I have taken good care of children since,I always work hard in this house to maintain your house to its standard, I have kept your secrets,and now you want to sack me just because a cockroach found its way to baba Jades food??",I told Monica in a polite tone."Which secrets are talking about?",Monica asked me raising her eyebrows. I smiled,"so you think I don't know",I told her almost whispering. I never wanted Stanley to hear as she was still in the dining table."Monica, this woman to woman talk ,I know you have fucking Simon since,and I decided to keep it a secret up to date just to cover you up",I told Monica who signaled me to stop talking about it.That statement alone made her shiver with fear,her face became faint and the pride in her disappeared. "Finish up your work we will talk tomorrow", she told me with a faint smile as she turned to leave.

Everybody went to sleep as I remained in the kitchen finalising my chores.Later I made a cup of coffee and went drink it on the living room as I watched some cartoon on the TV. I was thinking hard about what have just happened. I knew Stanley could do anything to get me sacked ,but I had no worries I knew I had the required tools to stay in their house.Immediately I finished the coffee I started feeling horny for reasons I also don't know,that evening Jade seemed not interested in sex may be after screwing me a couple of days,but somehow I felt the urge to have sex,I needed to be fucked hard at least to remove the stress Stanley had brought to me.I switched off the TV and went direct to Jades room.To my surprise, he was not even asleep,he was busy watching a porn magazine.

When he saw me, he smiled.I locked the door behind me and then started undressing until I remained naked.Jade just watched me with his mouth wide open and his eyebrows raised,I went near him seductively." Stop looking me like if am ghost I need a f**k",I told him.He grabbed me and dropped me on the bed as he removed his vest and short.I was already horny ,infact my honeypot was already wet and lubricated and all I wanted was to feel a d*ck inside me.But jade seemed not in a hurry ,he gently started kissing me as he caressed my breasts with hands as he stroked my nipples with his thumb fingers.That made me even more hornier that made me make some screams. He even made it worse when he dropped down there and started rolling his tongue on my clit which made me feel in cloud 9 where I literally saw stars just next to me..Jade had been blackmailing me for sex but this day its me who wanted him!! "Please penetrate me Jade,f**k me hard ,I want to feel your d*ck inside me", I literally begged him.He withdrew from sucking my clit and suddenly without caution pushed himself inside me and penetrated me deep inside.I raised my hips for him so that he would even penetrate me deeper.He started pumping like crazy as I enjoyed each and every bit of the session. He turned me and screwed me from behind, it was feeling great until I made a big loud scream..suddenly I hard some footsteps on the verandah and someone knocked Jades bedroom door....

Episode 31

Jade suddenly withdrew his Dingdong from my honeypot, giving me a chance to quickly rush under his bed.Jade them took my pantie and dress and threw them to me under the bed.He then wore his vest and short and matched to the door to answer knock which was persistent. After opening the door,jade started laughing like a crazy person, I got confused and decided to peep,I saw their big cat leaning beside him playfully." This cat is crazy how does it even knock the door like a person" Jade said as he signaled me to come out.I was very scared ,I thought may be my screams were too loud that could have provoked Stanley or Monica making them to come and check. I sighed.

I looked at jade he had already lost his erection,me too I had lost the appetite,I quickly worn my pantie and the dress and disappeared from his bedroom. "Goodnight Beb gal", jade told me as I left. I didn't even bother to answer I was very scared.
When i got into my blankets,I decided with my heart it was time to punish Stanley.I knew Monica would rather die than let her husband know about her adultery.Monica was a very respected TV presenter so you can guess the impact of me realising her sex escapade with his watchman on social media.Stanley too was a well renowned banker and i knew he had an ambition of joning politics in the near future.That was very nice back up.I had all the evidence in my camera.

*********** ***********

The following morning it was on a weekend,Saturday to be precise. I woke up early as usual and made the breakfast and arranged the dining table ready for the family to have the breakfast though I was not very sure if they would take my breakfast after what happened last night.

" Good Morning grace,how was your night",a voice said behind me.I was in the sink rinsing my hands.I turned slowly to answer the greetings. It was Monica. She had a faint smile on her face."I talked with baba Jade and we have decided to forgive you and give you a second chance",Monica told me suddenly after greetings.I could see her eagerly waiting for my response. "Thank you madam but unfortunately I changed my mind at night,I need to go", I answered her with a smile on my face." Grace ,I have told you we forgave you,please stay and continue working for us",Monica tried to plead with me."No ma'am just pay me my balance I will be leaving tommorow morning",I told her with serious tone.Monica passed her eyes around as if looking if someone was around, she then literally took my hand and pulled me outside the house."Grace I want to make a deal with you",she finally told me when we reached outside."Deal?",I asked ."Yes,I want you to get silence and silence forever concerning what you know between me and Simon,please if you have to go leave us with peace am begging you",she whispered to me looking helpless.I smiled,I knew she was cornered and her fate depended on me."Just make me shut up forever and you will never hear from me again",I told her with pride.She looked at me with the I hate you look."100000 shillings and go in peace ",she muttered.

I laughed out loudly as she looked me with a what's funny look." That's not a deal,just pay me salary balance I will be contented with that",I told her."say your price then ",she finally told me after realising how serious I was." Half a million would silence me forever",I told her smiling." Idiot! you think am bank or something ,infact you think I care! go and tell him right now!shameless girl I even don't know what am discussing with you,go and pack your clothes and leave my house this minute",she told me raising his voice looking mad.Simon heard the notice and came to check what was happening, I left them there as I matched inside the house to my bedroom and parked all that belonged to me.I refreshed and dressed ready to go."untie Grace are you going somewhere ",Sharon asked me when she noticed my outfit." Yes,am going to the village",I answered her."Will you be coming back?",Sharon asked looking sad,its like she was reading my mind."No baby am going for Good",I told her.

That alone made her cry out loud and that's when I realised how much she was connected to me.Her mum heard Sharon crying and came to check what was happening, "mum you are bad go away!I don't want to see you!" Sharon shouted at her mother hitting her with pillow. That made Monica even Mad she took my bag all the way to the door and threw it outside.We met at door as she returned to throw me outside too,matching like a bouncer,she handed to me 5000 shillings."I don't want to ever set my eyes on you again,Fool! ". She barked at me.She escorted me to the gate and ordered simon not to ever let me inside again. When I stepped out the gate,I sat on the pavement, as I thought my next move. I was not willing to go back to the village. I was scrolling my phonebook when I remembered Karanja the taxi driver and whom my mum claimed to be my dad had given me his contact. I decided to give him a call.

" Hello,how can i help you",Karanja answered quickly to my call.May be he thought I was a customer."My name is Grace,the girl you took home last month with your taxi",I answered him and paused."Ooh grace I remember you ,how are you doing, are you okey?",he asked me."No am not okey,I have a problem ,I have been sacked from where I was working at donholm and now am just stranded on the road",I told him."where exactly I will come and pick you right away",he told me sounding concerned."Donholm, komoros road.",I told him."Okie,I know the place,give me 20minutes", he told and hanged up.
"Grace, what is wrong", a female voice suddenly asked me .

Episode 32

It was Alice,she was going for shopping.I explained to her my ordeal of which she seemed to sympathized with me." What are you going to now Grace",Alice asked after keenly listening to me."Nothing, am going back to village ",I lied to her.What I didn't tell Alice was how I had used the camera she had bargained for me.

Suddenly a car pulled by,it was karanja's ,he rolled down the car window as he signaled me to get in."Bye Alice I will call you later I got your number",I told Alice as i got in the car.I put my bag on the backseat as I tightened my safety belt." Sorry for bothering you ",I told karanja as I shifted weight on the seat." Everything for you my daughter ",He answered me with a smile in his face." And who said am your daughter ",I asked him with a burning look." I also didn't knew until I took you home last time",karanja told me as he concentrated on the steering to overtake a matatu.

"Forgive me Grace,I did what I did out of ignorance and young age,not that I hated your mum,infact I regret it even today", karanja told like if reading my next question. Anyway that was not important to me,the issue was that now am illiterate young woman determined to prosper in life regardless of how I was conceived.

"Its okey dad,you don't have to explain everything to me,I have nothing against you", I told karanja who his face brightened by the mention of the name dad'.

" Thanks my daughter for understanding me,I also look forward to reconcile with your mum",Karanja told me with a faint smile on his face,he knew it was hard reconciling with mum.

"So what happened and why were you fired", karanja asked me looking very curious." Just some little misunderstanding with my boss, nothing much",I answered him without much details. "You want to go back to the village?" He asked me."Village?,no not me!"I confidently told him."what are your plans now",He asked me as he reversed to park his car,we were already in town."To rent a house and may be start a small business, I believe in making it in life",I told karanja who looked me like if doubting my idea.

"Come ,let me buy my daughter some coffee", Karanja told me jokingly as we got out of the car.We crossed some streets which I was not very familiar with though Karanja seemed to know each and every corner of Nairobi town.

He took me in a medium hotel where he ordered to cups of coffee for us." Hey Mr karanja how are you doing, long time", a tall slim middle aged man greeted karanja with a big smile on his smile."Hey Mr Munene,long time",Karanja responded to greetings with much respect as he stood to shake hands with him.From their gestures and talks I could tell they were longtime friends.Karanja asked Mr munene to join us which he gladly accepted. The waitress served us with the coffee including Mr munene."Don't tell me this is your daughter, you look so much alike,look at that nose",Mr.Munene said jokingly pointing at my nose, they both laughed out loudly."Yes this is my first born daughter, I have decided to treat her today",Karanja answered Munene smiling at me.I smile back and nodded in acceptance. "Grace ,Mr Munene here was my classmate in highschool,he is now a famous business man in town ",Karanja introduced Munene to me in a rather cunning voice which made us to laugh.

They talked many so many things,including business, politics among other things until our cups run dry. " Hey karanja I have to go ,I got a meeting to catch in a hour's time, I will see you around",Munene said as he stood leave. "I would suggest that you go back to school and do your O level examination Grace", Karanja told me after Munene left." You are still young to do business.Go back to school, I will pay for you everything until you are done",Karanja told me raising his eyebrows as if to assure me."Thanks dad ,but at my age I can't go to a high school, unless I enroll to an adult institution I be learning part time until I finish my O level",I told dad who eventually bought my idea.."so you want to learn and work at the same time",Karanja asked me looking straight in my eyes."Yes,its exactly what I want to do",I answered him.

"Hope you don't mind living with me for a while until we know the way forward", karanja finally told me as we stood to leave the hotel.Now that was better than going back to the village though I knew if my mum hears that am living with Karanja,she would board the next matatu to Nairobi.

Karanja used to stay in umoja,in a one bedroom house.His wife used to live back in the village with their children. I was surprised by how neat he had arranged his house,it was sparkling clean and tidy and everything seemed to assume its place. " Feel comfortable Grace, this is your dad's house",karanja told me as soon we entered his house.He had a nice living room with a sofa set, a beautiful small coffee table and beautiful wardrobe standing tall against the wall..where he had placed a 32inch TV screen.The floor was complimented with a beautiful carpet."This is my bedroom, but its yours from now,that is the washroom, and right there is the kitchen ",karanja showed me around." But dad I don't need a bedroom ,I can comfortably sleep on the sofa as you continue sleeping in your bedroom",I told him winking at him."I rarely use this house,most of the time am doing my taxi business even at late night, so you will be using it more than me that's why am giving you my bedroom",Karanja convinced me.I agreed."Now you can get busy in the kitchen and make something for yourself to eat ,am going back to work,see you later",Karanja told me and left. I served myself a glass of water as i relaxed my ass on the sofa to reflect on the happenings of the day and the way forward.

Episode 33

"There is a church across the road Grace,you don't have to stay in house doing nothing", karanja told me the next morning while we were having the breakfast.Karanja was proofing to be a good dad.He seemed to care more about me,my welfare and my happiness." No,I won't go to church today dad let me just relax,I will start going to church from next sunday",I assure my him as was busy enjoying his breakfast though himself never attended church.. "Alright, no problem ", my dad said in conclusion." Here ,this 2000 shillings if you need to buy anything",Karanja handed me the cash as he took his phone to answer a call.It was a customer who needed him urgently. He quickly took his car keys and left.

I went to the bedroom and took my camera from my bag where I had hid it.I came and relaxed on the sofa.I was wearing my comfy pyjamas. I replayed the sex escapade between Monica and Simon and I could not help but laugh out loudly alone like crazy person.I enjoyed the whole clip till end,it made become very horny and my clit iched. I decided to save the two videos in my phone just in case I lose the camera.I transferred them to my phone via Bluetooth and saved them.

Monica and Stanley had no idea that I had their sex videos.I decided to blackmail both of them so that I could make some quick bucks,I planned to start with Monica .I wanted to play around with their brains until I get what I wanted,I sent the clip to Monica phone via WhatsApp. She was online,the moment I saw the blue ticks,I knew she was somewhere sweating watching simon screw her honeypot,something she never imagined would happen to her, may be...

After 10minutes of silence, she started typing something on her WhatsApp.I was just in her profile waiting eagerly to see her reaction.I knew she was cursing the door she employed me as her maid."Grace,don't say you were this evil what do you want from me surely?",She texted me on WhatsApp. "I want to be a good girl and delete this video immediately I get what I want", I texted her back." And what the hell do you want from me!!!",she replied."I need money,half a million to be precise and you will never hear from me again", I WhatsApped back.She blocked me!!.

I decided to text her via message ,"Mama Jade if you think am joking wait i send this video to Baba Jade now", I messaged her. That's when she realized how serious I was,she decided to call me."Please grace don't do this to me,I will give you the money by Friday next week,Please don't expose me to Stanley",Monica begged me on phone."Listen to me and listen carefully, I need the money by tomorrow afternoon,past that I will send all your sex videos between you and simon to Baba Jade,and if you think am joking try me",I answered her with a lot of confidence. I knew she able to raise that money easily because I had seen her payslip. She used to earn 213000kes every month."OK,give me your banks details I will deposit the money the first thing tomorrow morning ",she told me sounding helpless." Listen,I need the money in cash tomorrow at 12noon.That money should be delivered by Simon and not you at place that I will confirm to you tomorrow. Don't try to play games with me please",I told her and hanged up.I never wanted any bank transfers for obvious reasons ,I was talking with confidence to her but sweating, it's a thing I had never done before,I feared she might report me to the police,the whole idea made shivers of fear cross my spine.I never knew what exactly would unfold.What if Karanja or my mum gets to know about my dirty deals,what if I get arrested, what if ,what if what if across my medula oblangata but I was determined to punish both Monica and Stanley through blackmail.The greed to milk Monica and Stanley cash commanded me.I needed quick and enough money to start a life and a good life for that matter.A nap took me as sat on the sofa thinking about the whole issue..

I woke at 3pm feeling hungry, I went to kitchen and made a quick a meal for myself.It was some idomin..I poured some milk in the glass from the fridge and came back to sitting room.I switched on the TV and started enjoying some cartoon as I ate my food.Later I started preparing supper for my such .The anxiety was all over me that evening , feeling cold and hot a times , I hadn't seen half million together in cash and I was looking forward...

At around 8pm I received a call from Monica asking me the venue where I would meet simon.I noticed she was corners from was she was talking to me .I decided to play my cards well,"After you give simon the cash tel him to call me",I told her politely and hanged up.I never wanted to talk much.


I woke up very early Monday morning ,I did the washing and prepared the breakfast, I served my dad his breakfast as usual.He would usually leave the house at 9am."A friend of mine directed me to a certain institution that offers adult education in town,its called uzima Adult Education Center", my dad told me as we were enjoying the breakfast."is it a nice school? ",I asked him." Yes, infact his wife did her KCSE exams there last this year",Dad told me as he looked me in the eye."You know I want the best for you",he added with a smile.I was happy at the idea that at last I would get secondary education.

"Thank you dad I will enroll for January intake", i assured my dad.It was on December and Christmas's holidays were just around the corner. I never wanted karanja to know my I didn't tell him I was going in town to someone. I waited until he left,that's when I took a bath and dressed to kill.I wanted to be in town at least an hour before the time. At 11:15am I was in town,I never knew town too well but at least I knew ,Afya center,Ambassador and Kencom as Stanley had shown me .I just leaned on the wall at Afya center like if am waiting someone and with no time it was noon.12:30 pm I had still not received a call from simon.1:00pm I had not received a call yet.1:30,still no call. My stomach was full of butterflies ,What if Monica comes with police to arrest me? the thing was still on my mind...I decided to board a matatu and go back to house assuming may be Monica had changed her mind. I was about to board a Ummo inner mat when my phone rang.It was Simon..

Episode 34

" Hello Grace I got your parcel from Monica where are you",Simon told me immediately I received the call.That statement alone soothed my heart,I was just about to jump up and down but I realised I was in the midst of people. "Am in town,let's meet at Kenya Archives whis is just adjacent to Ambassador Hotel", I told him confidently." Give 3minutes am alighting from a bus",he told me.Though I was happy ,my body was still shaking in fear,"what if Monica decides for ambush for me to get arrested",I thought to my self.I decided to watch from a distant first until I could locate Simon with my own eyes.I crossed the busy Moi avenue and went straight to the Kencom stage where I leaned with the stage shade wall like someone waiting to board a matatu."Excuse me beautiful where are you going", a certain kondaa~conductor asked me caressing my hair."Am not going am waiting for someone",I answered him politely. "My name is Tony ,would mind giving me your number so that we can catch up later ,I love your beauty", he whispered in my ear.That made me look at him ,a thing that I had not done previously, he was a young brown gentleman wearing a navyblue suit rocking with a bow tie which looked like a uniform as there other guys around who were dressed like him, he was also holding a metal detector machine with his left hand." No!,I don't give my phone number to strangers",I answered him.But he insisted. "OK if giving you my number will make you leave me in peace have it 0706394378", I dictated to him as he dialed it to his phone.Thanks beautiful we will catch up later", he told me with a bold smile like that of a lotto winner giving testimony in the Citizen TV as he went back to his business.

Suddenly my phone rang, I got tensed.Simon was calling me,I tried to locate him with my eyes but I couldn't see him because many people were moving up and down .I received the call all my eyes at the Kenya Archives." "Hello I can't see you and am standing right at the Kenya Archives entrance",Simon told me as I shifted my eyes to the entrance searching for anybody near the entrance talking with a phone.

And true to his words he was standing exactly at the entrance."who are you with?", I asked ",I asked him." Am all alone",he answered me politely."OK,cross the road and come at kencom stage, I can see where you are standing",I told simon who was looking right and left trying to locate where i was standing. Simon was crossing the road when a motorbike from nowhere hit him hard! ,my mouth opened wide and so my eyes as I watched simon drop on the tarmac helplessly. I got confused I didn't know if to run away or go to the scene.The city council Askari's who were controlling the traffic were the first to arrive,I decided to move closer to the scene and see how bad it was.Fortunately, he was not that badly hit though his right hand was breeding profusely. To my surprise he was still holding a brown envelope with the same right hand,it seemed even after the bike hit him ,the envelope remained in his hand.Money matters you know...

A certain lady from the blues,volunteered to give him first aid before he goes to the hospital."Madam are you a doctor or something ",One of the council Askari's who seemed in charge asked the Lady after noticing how she did the first aid with ease and stopped the breeding. " No am just a trained first Aider ",she answered with a smile.All that time I was standing there my eyes glued on the envelope,its only me and simon who knew what was inside.Simon had not seen me as there were so many people who had gathered at the scene.The rider of the motorbike run away with his bike immediately after the incident.

"He is good to go now", the First Aider announced. Simon stood with his feet." How are you feeling can you go at the hospital on your own",One of the council officers asked him.I felt like saying yes for him ,I was eagerly waiting for him to handover the envelope to me.I was relieved when simon nodded his head and assured the officers that he was okay and that he could to hospital on his own.The officer in charge took details of simon including his mobile number."We will review the Cameras to identity the person and motorbike that hit you and we shall make arrests and inform you what to do from there,he must pay you the cost of damages and hospital bills as we charge him for caress riding.Make sure you get all the receipts for the treatment",The officer told simon as he took photos of the scene and also took a photo of simon. I left the place immediately and went back to where I was standing previously at the kencon stage but eyes were still glued at simon.He came right to where I was standing and when saw me he faked a smile though I could tell he was in pain."Sorry I saw what happened ",I told him as he handed me the envelope which had blood stains all over." I almost died bringing you money,this is blood money ",he told me with a sad face." Why are you blackmailing Monica?",he continued. "Go and tell her she will no longer hear from me again", I told simon while putting the envelope in my handbag." Here,this is 2k for being a good boy",I told simon as I handed him the money.He gladly took it,then I disappeared leaving Simon standing there like if thinking of something.


When I arrived to the house,I quickly opened the envelope right at the living room and true Monica words ,before me was 500000 thousand inform of 1000 new notes arranged in 5 bundles each containing 100000kes,I was busy arranging the money again after counting, when someone knocked the door,butterflies filled my stomach...

Episode 35

Fear engulfed me as sweat dropped down my armpits. I quickly hid the money under the sofa and tiptoed to the door to see who there. I peep first before I could open,and to my relieve Karanja was standing right at the door. I opened the door for him,"what brings you here during the day dad",I asked him.It was unusual for him because on a normal day he would come back in the evening, take supper then go back to his taxi business until late night. He had told me that at night its when they make good cash. "There is plot am buying at Kasarani and I forgot some of its documents", He told me as he went straight to the bedroom where he used to to keep his important documents.

He took what he wanted after which he left. " see you in the evening Grace ",he said on his way out." Thanks dad see you",I replied but he was already gone.I sat on the sofa and breathed hard,I had thought someone had trailed me to house to steal my money. I took the money from under the sofa and went to hide it in my bag.

In the evening Monica called me,"Hope you received the money",she asked immediately I received her call."Ooh sure thank you,you were so cooperative. "Have you deleted the video ?", she asked me breathing hard." Yes I have deleted everything ",I assured her much to her relief though I had not deleted yet.

******* *******

The following day I visited Eastleigh market where I changed my outfits,I bought clothes,new shoes and ornaments. Money was not a problem,I had more than enough. Its while at the market I received a call from a strange number,"Hello beautiful how are you doing ", a male voice asked immediately I received." Am fine who am I talking to please ",My name is Tony,you gave me your number yesterday at kencom stage", he introduced himself." OK,what do you want?",I asked her sounding harsh to discourage him."Can I buy you Coffee in town tomorrow? ",Tony asked." No am not interested ",I answered him and hanged up.I had decided to keep off men for a while.But Tony could not give up on me.He kept pursuing via calls and texts confessing his undying love for me.

I remember very well it was on 23rd December while I was going home for Christmas holiday.I decided to pass by the Kencom stage to check on Tony before boarding a matatu .He was very happy to see me." At last ",he said all smiles," I just decided to say hello to you ,am on my way to village for Christmas holidays ",I told him. He signalled his colleague with cover for me look as his colleague winked at him.

" Let me buy coffee as we get to know each other better ",he told me with smile on his face." No it's too hot for coffee, cold juice will do" I answered him as we entered at certain hotel at the CBD.What can i offer guys",the waitress asked us as she held a trey with hands."Passion juice',I said even before the waitress finished. It was an afternoon and the weather outside was very hot,I needed something to cool my nerves."Give me the same",Tony said all smiles.Tony was about 5'8 in height, brown and pure white which you couldn't fail to notice whenever he smiled ."So how old are you?",I asked him a question that got him by surprise.He shifted weight on his chair as cleared her throat to answer me."25years and some months ",he answered me and paused to stare at me." Come on tell me more about yourself",I teased by giving his a slight slap as the waitress served us our order.That's when Tony told me that he is a luhya from Bungoma,A form leaver and a tout for that matter."I have never seen such a beauty in all my life,your such Queen Grace ",he told me as he sipped his juice." Hahahahahah",I found myself laughing out loudly."Why are laughing at me now,have I said something redykulass",he asked looking amazed. I knew all men start there when they need sex"No,but you guys say Kikuyu Ladies are Maji Maji and untasty", I answered him.A thing that seemed to have caught him by surprise. Its as he was not expecting that from me.To him I was just another naive girl. We were still talking when something very strange happened******

I woke up the following morning in a certain room that looked very strange to me.At first I thought I was daydreaming but when I pinched myself I realized I wasn't. Tony was standing naked admiring himself at a huge mirror which standing tall on the wall.He was applying some lotion meaning he had just a bath. When he realized I was awake he looked at me all smiles,Those guys that say Kikuyu Ladies are Maji Maji are wrong", he told me as he wore his boxer.That when I realized I was all naked!!My pu**y had some soreness and my thighs were paining." Tony you raped me" I shouted at him as tears started rolling down my cheeks, I couldn't help but cry 'how did it even happen??? 'I wondered."Tony you drugged me and raped me,ooh my God",I screamed at him as he was still dressing. He came close as I cried uncontrollably,

"shhh,I did not rape you my dear we talked and came to a consensus", he told me all smiles.Stop lying to me you rapist,what did you want to infect me with HIV?STI? get me pregnant? Did you even use a condom?," I yelled at him ,I was literally running mad.I didn't know what to do nor where I was.I moved out of the bed and peeped through the window and that when I realised we were at guest house along river road."Nature has a way of punishing bad people "...I told myself .may be I was being punished for blackmail, Extortion and Fornication.

I entered the bathroom and started having shower, I could feel a lot pain down there as I took shower,it seemed the idiot had dug me the whole night after drugging me.The shower soothed me and my brain started to work again. I came up with soft plan." Beb I need just one favour from you",I told Tony smiling after I dressed up.I went closer to where he was seated and sat on his lap...

Episode 36

"Beb ,not that I don't have feelings for you,I do and liked from the first day you confidently came to where I was standing and asked my number",I told Tony politely and romantically as i caressed his shoulders.He seemed relaxed and was keenly listening to me attentively."Tony you are handsome guy,energetic and full of life and that's why my honey pot is paining this morning ", I told him jokingly a thing that made him smile and gave him back his ego and pride." But you did a mistake somewhere ,you never minded to know my status,if am HIV + or not or if I have an STI or not,Tony you don't even know me,Except my name,you don't where I come from or what I do",I suddenly told him as I stood from his laps and walked towards the window."Its upto you to do decide if you want to life or die because am infected with a killer Virus,a Virus that has no mercy ,that is irreversible when it gets into your blood",I told Tony as I turned to look at him.His face had changed to pale and his eyes were burning red."Within now and 72 hours you have a chance to redeem yourself Tony if you agree to walk with me at hospital, you confirm my status if you think am lying ,and the the doctor will advice on how to prevent the virus to penetrate into bloodstream",I said crocodiles tears running down my cheeks.Tony stood up wore his shoes then looked,"Its true grace I did a mistake,I never thought you are sick ,Oooh my God am so selfish let's go the hospital now,I don't want to get Aids".Tony told me with such a sad voice as i laughed with the corner of my eyes.

At the hospital, We met a female doctor who was around 50 "how can I help you my children", she asked as soon as she welcomed us to seat down.Tony wanted to talk but I cut him," we want to know HIV status daktari", I told her with a smile.we looked more of couple.She was happy to hear that But Tony looked tensed and anxious until the doctor noticed. "Young man there is no need of being so tensed just relax,if turns out you are ve+ or ve- there is still hope for life", the doctor told Tony with a beautiful smile,but Its only me who knew what was bothering him.

Our blood samples were taken after about 10minutes the doctor gave us the results." Results shows that both of you are ve-",she told us all smiles.I sighed in relief at least the idiot is not positive. Thank you doctor.I stood opened the door and left ,Tony followed me looking confused,"Hey Grace what's the meaning of this,you said you Positive and then result says you are negative can you explain to me what's this clap all about",Tony told fuming with anger. "They were all lies,all I wanted to know your status,am not sick ,now if you don't mind I need to do some shopping for my parents am going home for Christmas holidays tomorrow ,you got what you wanted yourself", I told him as I diverted to a Naivas supermarket in town ,I thought he would go his way but he followed me.He offered to pull a trolley for me as picked items from shelves.We went to clothes section and I bought beautiful expensive clothes for my mum and siblings. I had two sister and brother who was our last born.I ensured I bought clothes for each." Who is paying all this and who is carrying them home for you",Tony asked after he noticing I had done an over shopping,"Do I look bankrupt ",I asked him with a smile.He just looked at me without saying a thing.All this time I was still thinking how would punish him for forcing his way into my panties and he was still busy following me"some men are shameless..."I thought to myself.

At the counter ,the bill was added up to 51000 thousand.Tony couldn't help but look at me,like suggesting I return some items ," I want to pay via the Till number ",I told the cashier who guided on how to do it.

"Madam do you have a car", A supermarket attendant asked after packing my shopping intact.Now that got with a my shopping warranted me to own a car mmmh.." No I will use a taxi just help me put it outside.

I looked around for a taxi guy outside who looked young smart and handsome for obvious reasons ,"How is much to Ndakaini ,infact just past the Ndakaini dam", I asked the taxi guy who introduced himself as Moses"8000 thousand,you know its on and there is a lot of traffic",Moses told me trying to convince me why he was charging me that high ."OK I will do 7000 thousand ,load this shopping for me.Money was not an issue to me and even Tony had witnessed it a thing that made him think I wasn't just an ordinally girl.

"Tony I will call you when I arrive have a good day thank you for the assistance", I told him as I boarded the taxi.He was totally confused by dramatic events of the day which may be were not his plans for me.He just there as he watched us vanish.

I was feeling good that I was going home for a second time with taxi in a span of one month but in the inner me I was not at peace because I never wanted mum to know I had left my Maid Job and re united with Karanja ~my dad for that matter and that I was living with him.She would very mad at me.I had a lot of thoughts until moses noticed," What's is this you are thinking so hard at your age madam",he asked as he changed lanes to join the thika gatanga road,I looked at him for moment.."so you want suggest young ladies like me shouldn't think",I asked him."No,thinking is normal but I have noticed since we left Nairobi you have been silent and thinking something very hard.I laughed."No, its nothing ",I lied.

"People from this area must be very rich", Moses commented after seeing huge tea plantations .Moses said trying to change the the topic" Yes ,many of this plantation's are family businesses, so instead of portioning the land they employ a farm manager to manage the plantations instead and they share profits,that's the secret",I answered him as the idea to buy land and plant tea came into my mind.On top half a million given by Monica I had another 150,000 which I had saved from the money Stanley used to give me though I had used some.I did my maths and realised if I successfully blackmail Stanley I would be in a position to own a two acre land with tea bushes and would be a very big investment which I could reap in my lifetime.

"Madam you are back to thinking again ,make sure u don't forget to direct me properly as you can see we are already seeing the ndakaini dam now", Moses told me after realising I was lost deep thought again.

" Don't worry at times its good to build a mansion in the dreamland",I answered him as signalled him to divert on marram road which goes to my our home. "Moses is this car yours or you just employed?", I asked him," no it is not mine am employed. "OK, work hard next time you drive me in yours", I told him jokingly as he drove inside the compound.I reached for my bag and gave him his money .

Moses opened the boot and helped me remove the shopping ,there seemed to be no one in the compound." Moses can you hoot this car of yours may be they fell asleep after lunch ",i told moses .He went to steering and hoot twice and thats when i heard doors start opening as my sisters overtook my brother who was leading at the time,they very happy to see me,they all hugged me and jumped up and down like tied dog when given freedom." Moses I told you,they were sleeping",I winked at moses."Madam thanks ,but I have to leave", he told me.

"Won't you wait we check something we can eat in this house", I asked him." No let me go ,thank you for your kindness",he told as he reversed his car.I waved him goodbye and he left."Welcome sister you grow beautiful, Sarah who we followed each complimented me."Where is mum?" I asked Sarah."She is in the farm,she will be happy when she gets to know you are here",Sarah told me."Sister there is something I want to ask you please follow me to the bedroom",Sarah told me and I followed her..wondering what she really wanted to tell me.

Episode 37

"Blood is coming out of my private parts and I don't know what's really happening", Sarah told me with a sad face.I smiled. " That's shows now you are becoming a mature girl and you shall be getting it every month, it is called menstruation and any mature girl or woman do get it everymonth. "So that means you also get?", she asked me looking curious." Yes I do get it monthly", I told a sister who so much worried.I reached my bag and removed some pads which I always carried in my bag ,"When you start having menses you should use this,they are called pads and you can find them in the shops",I told her much to her relief .I showed her how to use them and gave her a few sachets.She was very happy as she was no longer scared as she understood what was happening with her body."Do you have a boyfriend ",I asked her as I noticed her hips were too becoming bigger and more round.Her breasts too were becoming visible from outside." Yes,I have a boyfriend who is a classmate",she shyly told me.I smiled to put her at ease,she was in class 7."So what are some naughty things you do with him",I asked Sarah ,who stared to me like a ghost."Naughty things?,No,I don't do bad manners",she replied a thing that made burst with laughter,I could tell from his eyes she was cheating ."Come on Sarah ,am your big sister for heaven sake you don't have to hide anything from me",I told her as she composed herself like ready to say something. "OK,he only caresses my breasts and my thighs a little when we are alone,he also tries to caress my pu**y but I always refuse him to touch it", Sarah told me being honest."Does it feel nice when he does that?", I asked feeling curious. Sarah just smiled and said " somehow".

We were still having girl to girl talk when finally mom arrived,she came directly to our bedroom and hugged me for moment. Seemed she had really missed me.We talked so many things,while still at the bedroom and we were all happy.

"Sarah ,have you started getting your monthly periods?", Mum asked Sarah pointing at pads which were next her." Yes mum infact it started in the morning ",Sarah replied." And why didn't you tell me ?",she asked."Don't worry mum I have told her everything she needs to know about it and I have given her some pads",I told my mum."Hope you have even told her if she tries to have sex with a boy or any man she will get pregnant",Mum said as the room went silent for moment,before everybody bursting into laughter."She now knows ,one prick and your virginty is gone and become pregnant or get infected with HIV" I said looking at Sarah as my mum nodded to aprrove my statement." Ooh girls am hungry what are we eating ",I asked trying to change the topic as I stood to start evening duties in preparation for Christmas next day.

That evening after we finished preparations for next day we cooked supper and enjoyed ourselves." Where are those sweet melodies coming from",i asked Sarah,the melodies were penetrating me if I may so..soothing my heart to the mood of Christmas. "There is church kesha at Ndakaini fellowish center ", Sarah told me.It was about a kilometer from home." I need to go",I said. "Am in too you can't leave me here sister", Sarah said jumping with hapinees,you know teens and darkness is like the same thing." OK,if you have to go let call for you the bodaboda who carries me so that he may take you and when kesha is over he will bring you back",Mum said and immediately called the boda rider who was at the get within no time.

The church was lively and lovely as we sang Xmas praise songs hymn by hymn led by team of experts who made them so sweet and so real until I felt closer to God for the first time before I was interrupted by a boy who gave me a written note.

"Hello grace,its Sammy your former classmate..please come out I need to greet you", the note read.Who could forget Sammy,they were the only people who owned a car in the whole village when we were in primary school.His father is a rich man.

I decided to go and say hello as per the note.Sammy pulled me into a hug immediately I stepped outside church door." Ooh Grace, you have really transformed to be a beautiful young queen,look at you",Sammy told me after the warm the hug.Him too had grown to be a tall man with broad body physic,he was order than me with like one year.Sammy was like cartoon I used to love his jokes and stories even though some were tailored,he was a cheerful person."Am joining form four next year",he told me feeling proud of himself."Wow that's great",I replied without much details because myself I was a drop out though I had hopes to join adult school next year. "Its pleasure meeting you sammy but I need to go back inside its cold here", I told him but Sam hold my hand and whispered something to my ears." Come on,not so soon,aren't you not going to give this goodies as we celebrate this Xmas,come on grace don't tell me you are still naive as you used to be back then",she whispered to me jokingly as he caressed my breasts which made aroused almost immediately.

I could not resist him ,he seemed to know what he doing,he knew where to touch and when and how."Let's go to my Cube and enjoy ourselves a little",Sammy suddenly told me.Their home was just across the road."Sammy you want to f**k me",I asked him."Yes I need a f**k,I got so much feelings for you grace",Sammy replied to me without even stammering.Considering I was also horny,I decided to give in.I followed Sam to his room.It was connected to his fathers house but he had his own door from outside.It Seemed like the boychild was on a dry spell as he dropped me on his bed immediately we entered his room and kissed me passionately like a pro and before I could know it ,I was already naked,he caressed my breasts as he sucked my nipples which gave me alot of pleasure making my honeypot wet and lubricated,unfortunately she didn't suck me down there as I thought,he just caressed my clit with his pointing finger,then fingered me a little using his middle finger, before doing something I least expected. He reached a packet of condoms under his mattress and removed a CD teared it gently and wore it.He then penetrated me gently deep inside until he got the rhythm,he started pumping me like crazy,he had not a allowed me to touch his dingdong but it I could tell it was a good size as it slithered in and out of my pu**y.I had not used a condom since I started having sex and whole experience was totally different I felt almost nothing but the Sammy seemed to enjoy riding me.After about five minutes he was already exploding, mourning like a lion scaring intruders before ejaculating Inside the condom,he took a tissue and gently withdrew from my vagina then rolled his loaded CD with the tissue and threw it to the dustbin before dropping beside me breathing hard."Thanks grace, you so sweet",he told me as he gave me a soft kiss."You have also done a good job,kudos!",I replied just to boost his ego,although I felt nothing.

Its was around 1140pm ,"show me the washroom I need to refresh and go back to church my sister might be worried by now",I told him.He gave me his towel and showed me the bathroom. His room was self contained. I refreshed and got dressed as Sammy washed his hands and got dressed. "Are you not taking a bath", I asked him." I will come to wash my d*ck when I come",he replied so casually and jokingly as he escorted me back to church. We found the church counting to welcome the new Year" 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Hurrrrrrry hallelujah hallelujah...",the congregation shouted as people screamed and banged to welcome the Xmas in style.

"Let's go home grace I feel sleepy ", Sarah told me after screaming her ass out,she really enjoyed the Kesha as her sister was busy enjoying a d*ck... To be continued>>>> season Finale coming.....any guess how it will end?

Episode 38

I stayed at home for two weeks until the Christmas and New year celebrations were over.However I never told my mum that I had been sacked and that I was living with Karanja,my biological dad in Nairobi.She couldn't even guess I was jobless because of the shoppings and money that I gave her.I knew if I mentioned something like that she could not let me go back to Nairobi.

Days passed and I returned to Nairobi,to my father's house.I enrolled in Adult school to continue with my secondary education where I used to learn part time. One evening as was busy doing my home work ,I received a call from Stanley claiming that he had missed me and that he wanted to see me in private so that I could give him my goodies.

" Am sorry I did what I did but we can forgive each other and continue ",Stanley had told me on phone. " Am not interested ,concentrate with your wife,I can't give you pu**y again" I answered sounding harsh to discourage him. Its during this conversation I told him I needed some money from him because I had something that belonged to him. "What do you mean you have something that belongs to me and you need money?", Stanley asked me curiously. That's when I sent him the clip of the video I had recorded as he screwed me via WhatsApp.

" Grace! Can you delete that video with immediate effect or I report you to the police" he threatened me. "Yes sir am willing to delete it after you give me some money,failure to which I will send it to your wife and also release it online ", I told him politely " Grace ,how much are you talking about ,because I have been giving money even without all this,do you know the impact of the video to my career and my future expectations of vying for a political seat.

"Yes I know sir ,and am happy you also know the impact of the content I have so please behave before I do the unexpected", I told him confidently. I was so confident because Monica's blackmail was very successful and I was optimistic that even Stanley's case would be a walk in the park because I knew he was rich and he had a lot money.

" So what's your price if I may ask",Stanley asked me. "Just a million in cash and I will delete it and never hear from me again", I said without even stammering. I knew what I wanted. Stanley seemed to be very co operative and even asked me when I wanted the money. " Friday at 2pm at Kenya archives in the city,no games no police,if you try anything stupid I will just send the video to your wife and also release it online,I think you know what that means..",I told him and hanged up.

That Friday I had a class at 11am ending at 1pm.I didn't even get the concepts in class as I was very anxious about the whole idea. I was eagerly waiting that call ,a call that was to change my life and change it forever. All I could see when I closed my eyes was briefcase full of one thousands notes.

"At exactly 1:30 Stanley called me." Hey your package is ready,where are you?",Stanley asked me immediately I received the call. "On my way, meet you at 2pm exactly without fail ,remember no games", I told him and hanged. All this time I was resting at Jevagee gardens waiting for the time move though that one hour was too long for me. At 1:50 I was at the kencon stage as usual so as to have a clear view of Stanley as he arrives.

" Hello am at Kenya archives and I can't seem to trace you ,where are you",Stanley informed as I looked around to try and trace him and eventually I saw him passing his eyes around looking for me.

I had tried looking for Tony to request him to do the deal for me but his phone was off and he was not on his Job place. I decided to risk and do the deal on my own ,"I can see you ,am coming ", I told him. Stanley was holding a small briefcase where I guessed the money was.When he saw me he just smiled," hello grace its pleasure meeting you again",he said politely."Give me my money I need to go",I told him with a serious look on my face."How sure am I that when I give the money you will delete the content from the phone",He asked me."This is a deal,no games remember ",I assured him as he handed me the money.

I opened and peeped a little and it was a pure deal the case was full of pure 1000notes.I gave him a faint smile as I turned to leave. " Don't try to move,hands up you are under arrest for blackmail and extortion ,You have the right to remain silent as anything you say now can and shall be used against you in the court of law",a thunder like male voice yelled at me as guns cocked around my head...

Episode 39 (Final Episode)

Fear engulfed me,I could feel it sail across my spine,sweat flowed from armpits and the whole body became week.I thought of running but the legs were very weak I could barely walk.

In a flash of a second I was inside a Toyata Land cruiser not knowing where they were taking me.Stanley didn't come with us and that made me even more worried, do they want to kill me or something.

I was taken to Central Police station,where I recorded the statement. "Listen young girl if you co operate and talk the truth,this is going to be easy for you and if you don't co operate I shall make it hard for you until you talk,"The detective who arrested me told me with an authoritative tone.I was already scared and I was talking like a a radio with new batteries,giving each details I knew about Stanley and his wife,how Stanley used to f**k me,how I bought a camera and with which intentions.

After recording a statement I was taken to a police cell." Excuse me sir,can I make a call",I asked the detective who escorted me to the cell."Yes sure one minute only",he told me.I decided to call Karanja and tell him what had befallen me.I feared calling mum but now I had no choice but to also tell her."Hello mum I have been arrested and taken to central police station",I told her immediately she received my call. "What?why?..." I heard mum ask me but the phone was taken away,"Time is up now ",he told me. The room was a little bit dark there were other women seated on the floor.They all laughed at me when they saw how frustrated I was." Welcome young girl ,what brings you here",One woman asked me as she pulled me closer to her."Blackmail ",I answered her." "How much were you asking for?", she continued." A million" I said being very honest.She laughed and told me, "I love girls like you,bad girls for that matter infact I feel like I can work with in future,though I did not understand what she really meant.

Later I learnt she was an armed robber. Different women narrated why they were arrested and I couldn't fail to notice that I was surrounded by criminals and to them being in police cells was normal unlike my case

It was an on a Friday evening and so I had to wait until Monday to be taken to court. It was hell for me for those two days until I realised the importance of freedom .Never take it for granted!. Karanja came on Saturday to try and bail me out but police said my case had a lot of weight and there was no way I could get a police bail. The following Monday I was taken to the court.I was surprised to find Stanley and Monica already seated in the court room.That meant Stanley had confessed his actions to Monica though I knew Monica would better go to the grave with her secrets. My mum and Karanja were also in the courtroom.

" Grace Njeri you have been accused of blackmailing one Mr.Stanley Munene and trying to extort money from him which against the laws of Kenya",the prosecutor read my charges quoting some sections of the constitutions which I did not understand. I had no lawyer either to interpret it for me.I had no otherwise but to accept the charges and plead guilty.

The court was adjourned and the judgement was to be made at 2pm. I looked at my mum as I was being escorted back to the cells and she was all tears,a thing that made my tears too to come out,I had ashamed her and I was the only hope she had,Monica could not even look me in the eyes but I could tell she was sympathizing with me somehow.

I was taken back to the cell as I waited the verdict later in the afternoon. "Grace Njeri do you have anything that you can tell the court before i read its ruling", The magistrate asked me as she raised her glasses may be to see me clearly. She was a middle aged woman.

Something told me to ask for forgiveness," Your honour, i ask the court for forgiveness and I will never repeat the Mistake again",I said looking directly to the magistrate with the hope that being a woman she was in a position to have mercy on me and rule on my favour.

"Is that all?", She asked me." Yes your honour",I replied politely tears rolling down my cheeks. After reading some constitution caps and quotes the magistrate finally gave her judgement....."therefore, the court finds you guilty of blackmail and extortion and its sentenced you to serve a four year Jail term without a fine to serve as example to other members of the public who may be having your intentions.You have 14 days from today to make an appeal of this ruling ",the magistrate finalised.

I don't know happened next but I found myself in a room which looked like hospital, I had a drip on my right hand and my left hand was handcuffed on the bed grill. The nurse told me I collapsed in the court after the judgement, she checked my temperature and my pulse." You will be okay it was just normal fainting",the nurse told me and left.

When Nurse went outside a female prison warden entered with a file and explained to me that I was going to serve at Lang'ata Women's prison for 4 years as per the judgement. "I will be your in charge ,don't worry and don't panic,we have girls your age in our prison convicted with various crimes and even some are serving life sentences", the warden tried to console me. To me it was the end of my life,shame and guilt was eating me from inside.I was thinking about my mum,I knew she was all tears wherever she was,I had failed her as a parent. I felt bad about myself.

Days passed into weeks and weeks into months,my mum would come to check on me from time time.Karanja visited me every weekend as he brought me the necessities. I became used to prison life and even enrolled for my secondary education.There were so departments and courses which being offered in the prison including Masonry, carpentry, Salon ,Tailoring among others..

One friday evening Monica came to check on me in prison,I could not understand her intentions," let's forget about the past ,I have already forgiven you grace, I decided to keep our deals secret for my your own sake and for my sake and am happy you never exposed me .Just be a good girl grace and empower yourself and you will have a bright future",Monica told me as she tried to counsel me and give me hope.She talked to more like a parent than my former boss who I had milked half a Million. That's when I thought of my past life and decided to change and be somebody meaningful in life I got saved the following Sunday in the prisons chapel and gave my life to God,I confessed my sins and Pastors prayed for me.I was born again.


After four years of handwork , I was finally seating for my KCSE exam,I also had a month and a half to finish my jail term. I did my exams to the best of my knowledge, after exams something strange happened, "Grace park your things you are going home tomorrow", My prison in charge informed to my surprise," But my term is not over yet",I replied. I was used to life in prison that somehow I felt attached there.

"Yes we know its not over but the Management have decided to discharge you as result of your handwork , commitment and discipline", the in charge told me. I called my dad and told him I was being discharged tomorrow and he promised to come for me.I decided not to bother my mum and that it would be a surprise for her. The following day I woke up very early in the morning,I packed everything ,bathed and got dressed, the prison in charge prison had briefed me to be ready by 8am. " Grace are you ready",the in charge asked immediately she entered our dormitory. "Yes madam am very ready", I said with smile written all over my face.I was very happy at last I was going home a free woman.All the inmates were happy for me as we posed to have some photos taken using my phone.I was the only inmate that was being released on that day.

After clearance, I could not believe my eyes when I stepped out of the prison gate,Karanja and My mum were outside conversing,they had not seen me as I stood looking at them holding my bag with both hands,I cleared the throat to alert them of my presence. My mum almost screamed as she came to towards me ,she hugged me so tight as tears of joy flowed in her cheeks.Karanja too hugged me." My daughter I missed you so much,God is great that we have re united once more",Mum said ,she couldn't hold back tears,"its OK mum,Everything happens with a reason,I missed you too ",I consoled her. " This is your father",mum told me referring to Karanja,"we have solved the differences that we had and he has informed me everything that happened to you and that you stayed with him for a while before things fall a part,please accord her the respect he deserves ",Mum told me as I hugged my dad once more.He had so much for me already and I loved him so much

" Dad and mum I also got saved while in prison and now i am born again Christian ",I broke the news to my parents and they were very happy I had changed. " Hey guys I think this calls for celebrations lets go",My dad announced as he loaded my bag to the boot. I sat back left as my mum sat infront.As my dad drove out of Lang'ata women Prisons gate...I knew it was a start of a new life.

Anyway I passed KCSE exams with B+ and now am doing Linguistics at UoN.

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